Author: Tracey McAlpine

Elan Skincare supporting women on International Women’s Day – and every day!

As we approach International Women’s Day on Friday 8th March, I am reminded of all the extraordinary women that I know.  They are pioneers in many different ways and I feel incredibly lucky to have them in my life.

One of these women is Joanna Silva.  Joanna is the founder of Elan Skincare.  I have to admit that I have been slow telling you about Elan and that’s down to my workload and no other reason.  Elan Skincare is a company built on caring, caring for one another, and especially caring and supporting women.  The range is designed for women like me, and you, who are demanding the finest ingredients in simple to use products that truly enhance our skin.

It takes a certain type of woman to create a skincare range in such a crowded market.  It’s women like Joanna who are driving Indie Beauty forward.  The independent beauty companies who are sourcing the very best natural and organic ingredients and delivering products we really want to use.


Elan Skincare

In her usual supporting role, Joanna is making another woman’s life a little better.  Jennifer Ainger is a wife and mother to a 4 year old son.  In December 2015, Jen was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She has a very aggressive and fast growing form of breast cancer and has been informed that her condition is terminal.  This diagnosis hasn’t stopped this formidable woman who is doing all she can to fight the disease which is trying to kill her. 

To support Jennifer through her treatment there is a Go Fund Me page where we can all offer our help.  For International Women’s Day, Joanna and Elan Skincare have gone one step further.  Not only will they give 30% off all purchases made online between 5th March and midnight 10th March 2019, they will also donate 30% of the proceeds of sales during this time to Jennifer’s fund.

Please take a look at Elan Skincare and take this opportunity to try their products, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.  You save money and, in the process, help another woman, in fact you will be helping several women and a family to make every effort to hold on to their wife and mother.

Isn’t this the spirit of International Women’s Day?  Isn’t this the way we can support other women – as they say ‘every little helps’.

Shop Elan Skincare use the code WonderWoman before midnight on 10th March 2019 for a 30% discount
Jennifer Ainger Go Fund Me Page