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We asked Andrea Cecile Cohen, CEO of number35, to share how she makes her life work

Andrea Cecile Cohen is the Founder and Designer of number35 the UK fashion label she created in 2005. While travelling for business, Andrea knew she needed a versatile professional wardrobe that would take her from meetings to dinner. The High Street didn’t offer the quality or fit of clever clothing that she wanted, so she set out to create a range of simple, yet elegant clothing, that used luxurious fabrics, and fit perfectly.

Portrait of Andrea Cecile Cohen
Andrea Cecile Cohen Founder of number35


In 2013, Andrea met Daniel Lawson, the renowned Costume Designer for the CBS show, The Good Wife. Together they created pieces for the show, worn by Christine Baranski and Julianna Margulies, and went on to create 35•DL. A fashion label of dynamic ready-to-wear feminine clothing for professional women.

Julianna Margulies wears Number35 in The Good Wife
Julianna Margulies wears number35 in The Good Wife


Andrea is also the creator of The Intelligent Wardrobe and The Entrepreneur Wardrobe, a range of clothing for younger professional women to create a working wardrobe of essential items, that work in synergy.

I met Andrea when I first started Fighting Fifty. We immediately hit it off and it isn’t only our shared love of an oat milk cappuccino that has kept our friendship going. Andrea also enjoys a holistic lifestyle and is happy to explore alternative therapies and treatments. She is a fierce supporter of women, and women in business, she created Body Forum to empower women through dress and to help them find their own style. I wore a number35 dress and coat to Charlotte’s wedding in the knowledge that it would fit me perfectly, the fabric would be of the finest quality, and that I would feel comfortable and confident throughout the day and evening.

Woman wearing a collection of clothes from number35

This is how Andrea Cecile Cohen does it!

Current job

CEO number35 Ltd

Three products every woman should own

A fabulous pair of well-cut trousers that fit perfectly and make you feel special, chic and dressed. A jacket, that finishes an outfit no matter what’s underneath and whenever you wear it your eyes light up and you stand tall. Finally, a little black dress, that can take you anywhere and everywhere.

My signature style is

Simple, chic pieces designed to fit the body perfectly. Clothes that communicate confidence and style.

Recent splurge

My fun splurge was a fantastic Burberry jacket, (I very rarely buy any other brand, other than my own) this one was at Serra Vallee in Turin and it was reduced from €2000 to €500, and I absolutely love it. Every time I wear it, I feel fantastic, the styling is really special, and I appreciate the attention to detail that has been put into it.

Favourite way to spend time

I love working out, walking on Hampstead Heath, Qigong followed by Tai chi and ironically, I’ve actually just started to enjoy skiing. (Andrea’s husband is an ex-ski racer and co-founder of First Tracks Ski Coaching)

Biggest myth about getting older

I always thought as you age you slow down, and life can become quite mundane. Not true… I feel more ambitious and goal-driven now than I did in my 30 and 40s. I think once you’ve had some life failures, and your ego has taken a beating, life becomes so much more fulfilling, enjoyable and definitely more fun. That ‘nothing to lose feeling’ leads to a massive gain.

Favourite female icons

One of my favourite female icons has to be Katherine Hepburn – she was so very unconventional for her time. She lived as she wanted to and was not going to conform to become a typical Hollywood starlet. Her word was her bond, and she was true to herself.

Trend that should come back

No question in my mind it’s got to be the 60’s. Monochrome short shift dresses with fabulous white patent boots. I’ve been looking for some great white patent boots for so long now.

Trend that shouldn’t

Definitely the 80s power look. That look needs to be confined to the fashion history books and never seen again.

How do you relax

I love getting lost watching an online channel called Gaia. It’s a channel that focuses on a unique Blend of Yoga, Meditation, Personal Transformation, and Alternative Healing. It opens my mind to new principles.

Accomplishment you are most proud of

My proudest moment has to be when I was in New York on business and I had just arrived at my hotel, I switched on the TV and saw an exert on CBS for the TV show The Good Wife, and Juliana Margulies was wearing a number35 grey suit, with leather patches. The fact they had picked that exert and she was wearing that suit, just brought it home to me, how our tiny little brand reached such global heights.

Beauty tip your mother taught you

My mother drove me mad from the age of 15, clean your face and moisturise every night. She constantly bought us good quality face creams. It’s only now I appreciate that advice when I look at my skin and it really isn’t bad for my age.

I don’t leave home without

Me being fully dressed and present, even when I wear jeans and t-shirt, I always have to look in the mirror and check I look good and ready to face the world. To me, I’m an actor facing my stage and my clothes help me feel ready.

Guilty pleasure snack


Always in my fridge

Oatley Oak Milk

Product that should be invented

An online wardrobe fitter, so each piece of clothing you view online, the measurements should be pre-programmed, so you can see if it will fit your body measurements.

Perfume named after you would be called

Got to be 35

Gym bunny or yoga disciple

Definitely  gym

Favourite saying

He who has a why to live can deal with any how – Viktor Frankl

Secret to life after 50

Let go of the destination just enjoy the journey, and lose the fear.


Woman wearing a collection of clothes from number35

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