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In July 2010 I reached 50, a milestone birthday and along with the birthday cards came the leaflets offering me funeral planning, a walk-in bath, and a pension scheme.  Immediately I was referred to as middle-aged at the best and old at the worst.  I didn’t feel it and I certainly didn’t want to look it!

Looking at my friends I discovered that in fact, these women were living their lives to the full, running companies, running marathons, bringing up families and ageing in the most positive way.  Quite the contrary to how the media portrayed them, they were embracing the second half of their lives.

After leaving school I worked in advertising and marketing at a number of leading advertising agencies, including Saatchi & Saatchi in London.   I put my career on hold when my daughter was born and for twenty-five years, I was a full-time mum to my two children.  I loved every minute of it watching them grow into happy healthy adults.  Over the years I shared beauty tips and products with friends, used my family as guinea pigs testing new recipes and tried to stick to a healthy diet.  I took up running at 47 to run the Race for Life to support a friend with breast cancer and more recently I’ve joined a Pilates class, which is definitely harder than I imagined.

In my early fifties, I was searching the internet for sources of health and fitness information and ways to look and feel better.  I couldn’t find one place to gather this knowledge.  So, I took my advertising and marketing skills, combined them with my love of beauty products and a healthy lifestyle, gathered together some wonderful experts and created Fighting Fifty.  I had little knowledge of the internet and certainly none of running a website, so I’ve been learning quickly, and this really is a challenge for the second half of my life.   At Fighting Fifty I hope you will find some tips and advice on ways you can age positively and live your life to the full.

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Why don't you talk about the products that haven't worked?

This is a question that we have been asked recently.  We don’t have time to write reviews or record videos on the products that don’t work.  We are far more excited about discovering new skincare for example, which really makes a difference to how your skin looks and feels, rather than telling you about the ones we tried and didn’t like.

We want your experience with Fighting Fifty to be a positive one, so we will tell you about products and treatments that have worked for us.  If you would like us to test a particular product please let us know.


We are often given press samples to test; these are mentioned within the articles and videos.  Because we haven’t bought these products doesn’t in any way change our opinions, we only write or talk about the products that we have tried and tested and found to be effective.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to buy the products we recommend, so the external links take you straight to the retailer’s site.  These links are often an affiliate link, this means that if you make a purchase we earn a small commission on the sale, it’s one of the ways we can earn money to maintain the site, and again we only recommend products that we genuinely believe in.  Affiliate links are clearly marked *.

Nikki Taylor Beauty Expert
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Nikki Taylor

Fighting Fifty has an engaged audience of women, and increasingly men, approaching and over 50, who are looking for good health, beauty and fitness information and education. Contact us if you have a product or service our readers should know about.

In 2014 Nikki Taylor joined Fighting Fifty as our Beauty Expert.  We have brought together our experience of the beauty industry and can offer a unique insight into the over 50s market. Whether it’s recording YouTube videos, speaking at beauty conferences, curating Fighting Fifty Beauty Bags, brand consultancy or writing content, we can help.

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