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We asked Kathryn Danzey, the Founder of award-winning supplement company, Rejuvenated, how does she do it?

In 2011, before I had even launched Fighting Fifty, I had a Twitter account to learn how to use social media, I was a complete novice and trying to find my voice. I was sent a direct message from Kathryn Danzey offering to help me with anything health and beauty related. That message sparked a friendship, and my huge admiration for a woman who has put all her knowledge and passion into creating some of the best health supplements on the market.

At the time when we first met, Kathryn had just launched Collagen Shots, the innovative supplement for skin health that has gone on to be one of the highest awarded products in the beauty and wellness arena. As well as running an extremely successful business, Kathryn loves nothing more than taking care of her family and enjoying long walks on the Moors. If anyone knows about staying healthy and ageing well, it’s Kathryn. This is how she does it…..

Kathryn Danzey Founder of Rejuvenated and author of The Youth Plan


Current job

Founder and Head of Product Development at Rejuvenated Ltd; author of ‘The Youth Plan’.

Three products every woman should own

Heliocare; it’s the best sun protection going.
Resistance bands* You can work out anywhere with them and they’re perfect for strength building and toning.
Pumpkin peel. I love this magical ingredient. It resurfaces the skin by dissolving dead cells whilst also improving its barrier function. I use one by NCN from the US but Dermaquest do one too.

My signature style is

Classic with a quirky twist. I’m not brave enough to go full on quirky and I’m definitely not ready for ‘middle age’ attire.

Recent splurge

Oh dear, sorry to disappoint you here. I’m quite minimalistic but I do invest in good food and health. Probably my biggest splurge is on some ingredients for a new product that we’ve got in the pipeline.

Favourite way to spend time

Lunch or dinner with family and friends, laughing and hugging. If only we could do this right now. Such cherished moments that I hope we can all do again soon.

Ouch of Collagen Shots displayed surrounded by leaves
Multi award-winning Collagen Shots from Rejuvenated


Biggest myth about getting older

That you will be tired and put on weight. We have to make adjustments, but you can be stronger and fitter than you were in your 30’s and 40’s. I’m a total geek and am fascinated by the scientific advances in understanding how we can reverse our biological clock.

Favourite female icons

Creola Katherine Johnson was an American mathematician whose calculations of orbital mechanics as a NASA employee were critical to the success of the first and subsequent U.S. crewed spaceflights. If you haven’t seen it, catch up with the film Hidden Figures, it’s so inspirational.

Trend that should come back

I loved the 60’s, they were so much fun. I’m not too sure I could carry off the clothes this time around though!

Trend that shouldn’t

Well, I started to type Crocs but then just this week I saw an article saying they were back in style. 2020 brings yet another surprise! I can see how they’re great for little kids, nurses, and people who work long hours on their feet, but I can’t imagine wearing them to go shopping or even lunch. Who would have thought!

How do you relax

I find gardening so therapeutic. I really enjoy planting seeds and watching them mature into beautiful flowers or vegetables. The best part of gardening is sitting down with a glass of wine to enjoy all the hard work.

Accomplishment you are most proud of

It has to be our children; my husband and I both have two children from previous marriages and one together. I look at them as beautiful grown adults and I flow with gratitude as each one is just the most wonderful human being.

Beauty tip your mother taught you

To always cleanse, remove make up and stay out of the sun.

I don’t leave home without

My iPhone. I feel naked without it.

Guilty pleasure snack

Ombar blueberry and Açai. I don’t normally buy chocolate, but our eldest daughter stayed with us during the first lockdown and each evening I’d be at her door begging for a square.

Always in my fridge

Rude Health Almond milk, I could drink it by the glassful.

Product that should be invented

A self-updating website that can give you every tool you wanted without it having to be programmed. No matter how much we research, it seems that as soon as we’ve developed a web page then there is something else that we need.

H3O Hydration from Rejuvenated surrounded by superfruits
H3O Hydration from Rejuvenated


Perfume named after you would be called

Ooop North – just kidding Tracey!

Gym bunny or yoga disciple

Neither. I practice some yoga and lightweights throughout the week, but we start every day walking our dog on the Moors. It’s exhilarating and a great way to chat through what needs to be done for the day ahead.

Favourite saying

It’s not about the years in your life, it’s the life in your years.

Secret to life after 50

We have this wonderful gift which no generation has had before. Science is making so many advances in health and wellness that we can benefit from. Take advantage of the checks that are available. You don’t have to pay for private health checks either as the NHS do great MOT’s for the over 50’s. Listen to your body, those aches and niggles are telling you something. Work towards a healthier fitter you, no matter what age or fitness level.

Rejuvenated  –  The Youth Plan by Kathryn Danzey £9.95

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