Author: Tracey McAlpine

On the home stretch

Having educated my stomach to want and need less food I’m not feeling very hungry so after my lemon and hot water, supplements and copious glasses of water I felt quite full.  I also had a very busy morning and knew that supplies are running low and I would have to get to the shops.  Everyone swears by eating breakfast but I rarely feel like eating in the morning, and if I do, it normally makes me hungrier at lunchtime. 

After a dash to collect some supplies Mr M and I stopped for lunch at Carluccios, I ordered a mixed salad to start off with and the Antipasto Di Verdure, which includes roasted peppers with pesto, green bean salad, roasted tomatoes, artichokes, rustica olives and caponata, I asked not to have the buffalo mozzarella but completely forgot that it came with focaccia.  Of course I left the bread and ate the vegetables, see a true convert!  I also forgot to take a photograph as I tucked straight in, something’s never change!

 Tip of the day: Be prepared for things to get worse before they get better!

Earlier in the day snow was forecast throughout the country for the coming weekend, judging by the way the shelves in Waitrose had been picked clean you would have thought someone had declared war.  I managed to get the last bag of organic carrots, stocked the trolley with lots of fruit and vegetables and headed home to the warm.

As I hadn’t done any juicing I had this crazy notion that I wanted to juice sweet potatoes, I know it was crazy but they actually taste really good, you need to leave the sludge which I guess is the starch in the bottom of the jug but the juice mixed with carrot and ginger tastes great.  The end of this detox seems to be very calm, I have gradually slipped into this pattern of eating and juicing and it feels completely normal. 

My body is calm and my skin clear and soft, this is a very gentle winding down phase.

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