Author: Genevieve Nikolopulos

We took a behind the scenes glimpse of this award winning organic skincare company

It’s not very often that you can have a behind the scenes glimpse of an award winning skincare brand, but that’s exactly what Tracey and I did recently.  We were kindly invited to visit the home of Evolve Beauty to meet its founder, Laura Rudoe, and also create our very own facial oil blend.

Laura is passionate about ethical and environmentally friendly ingredients along with working extensively to improve her own skin through alternative medicine and nutrition.  The natural evolution of Laura’s passions led to the birth of Evolve.

Tracey and I are both huge facial oil fans, and in fact, I have used one most nights for the last 15 years.  So, we couldn’t get started fast enough.

First, we were taken through the various steps with the relevant oils and how they are used within a blend.  We then got blending;

Step 1: The Base Oils


Base oils from Evolve Beauty

The Base Oil is main ingredient in our facial oil.  Here we had a choice of Organic Coconut Oil – good for normal skin, Organic Macadamia Oil – for dry skin or Organic Jojoba Oil which is best for oily skin.   As Tracey and I are both on the wrong side of 55, we both feel our skin needs all the moisture it can get so opted for the Coconut Oil with a little Macadamia Oil for good measure.

Step 2: The Active Oils


Active oils in custom blend from Evolve Beauty

These are the oils that are actually going to do something for your skin and there are usually at least two ‘Actives’ in a facial oil blend.   We opted for Organic Baobab Oil which nourishes and boosts elasticity, Argan Oil, for anti-ageing (we don’t like that word) and elasticity and we also put a tiny drop of Organic Wheatgerm Oil as it is an antioxidant and rich moisturiser.

Step 3:  Active Oils

This is the second stage of Actives.   Again, Tracey and I found it quite hard to choose although we were tasked with selecting one from each group of Actives, we did add a couple more.   From this group we chose Organic Nigella Oil which is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and nourishing, Organic Rosehip Oil for boosting cellular regeneration and a tiny touch of Organic Vanilla Oil which has healing properties along with anti-bacterial.   All good for the sun damage we are about to inflict on ourselves during the summer months.


Creating a custom blend facial oil at Evolve Beauty

Step 4: Rich Essential Oils

Here we added a drop of Organic Geranium as it is great for balancing our hormones, promotes emotional wellness and reduces inflammation.   I also added a very small drop of Mandarin to this just to lift the natural fragrance.   This is brightening, healing and minimises wrinkles.

Finally, a drop of Vitamin E is added to preserve the blend.


Genevieve Nikolopolus Tracey McAlpine and Laura Rudoe at Evolve Beauty

We are both absolutely thrilled with our bespoke blends and can’t wait to start using them.  I’m sure we both rather overloaded our oils with actives so do look out for how great our skin is going to be in the coming months as we use it.

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With thanks to Laura Rudoe and the team at Evolve Beauty for such a lovely morning and our beautiful oils