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The weather is freezing and with the shorter days we are seeing much less natural daylight. 

Skin starts to look sallow during the winter, but fear not as you could have a source of natural light in your hands.

Red Light Therapy, originally developed by NASA is used to send light into the skin to boost circulation and kick start it to heal and rejuvenate.  This works by creating Cytokines – cell signalling messages – which stimulate fibroblasts into action which in turn create more collagen in the skin.  More collagen means the skin is being healed or plumped.  Red Light Therapy is safe and uses LED lights on a wave length that mimics natural sunlight. 

Red Light Therapy has been proved beneficial in healing spots and acne, treating rosacea, scaring, eczema and even with boosting circulation.  It is also helps with anti-ageing by increasing the natural collagen, making skin look younger and healthier.  For severe skin conditions you would need to visit a clinic for treatment, but to boost the overall appearance of your skin or to treat spots there is now a range of home use products.

Love My Skin has developed a range of beautifully designed hand held RLT products to be conveniently used at home, office or even on the move.  You simply switch on the unit, hold it in contact with your cleansed skin and wait for the beeper to sound for one minute and you’re done.  Repeat this three times a day and no more than once an hour and your skin will start its own healing process. 

The two products I have been testing are the 6 light Anti-Ageing Pen which has been designed to use around the eyes – one word of warning here, although LED isn’t like laser it’s still not a good idea to look directly at the lights – the nose and mouth.  The other product has 32 lights and is a compact shape which sits very comfortably in the palm of your hand.  When I say beautifully designed I mean smooth, tactile, modern design, in fact so smooth that couldn’t find the on/off switch on the pen at first.  It’s cleverly been incorporated in the silver band around the middle of the product. 

Both products are simple to use, take very little time, which means you are likely to use them and are completely safe, there is no evidence of any side effects from overuse.  They use batteries so no waiting for recharging.  Don’t rely on them to get rid of deep wrinkles, they aren’t that powerful, but they will help with fine lines, heal blemishes and spots, and I’m told they are really good for using at the first sign of a cold sore.

I haven’t used the products for a full month yet but my first reactions to using them are very good, you can’t feel anything happening, just a slight warmth when you have used the 32 light unit on several areas of your face.  The small blemish that I have treated cleared up much faster than I expected and I’m treating a small scar on my arm to see if it will make any difference.  My skin hasn’t seen any sun at all this year so using the Love My Skin products has definitely made it look less sallow, it’s brighter and fresher and there is definitely something comforting about using a warming light on your skin in the winter.

6 Light Anti-Ageing Pen* £35.28  32 Light Anti-Ageing Compact* £23.50 available from Amazon

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