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The latest home-use beauty gadget from the innovative Swedish brand FOREO

If I told you there was a beauty device to use at home that was painless, took less than 5 minutes to use and could lift and tone your skin for about the same cost as one aesthetic appointment, would you want to know more? I thought so!

Let me introduce BEAR, the latest beauty device from Swedish brand FOREO, known for their highly effective skincare and oral care products. BEAR uses microcurrent, a form of electrical stimulation to give your face a workout. Much in the same way as you tone your body in the gym, BEAR* and BEAR Mini* stimulates the facial muscles to lift the structure of the face.

The first thing you notice about BEAR is how cleverly it’s been designed to fit comfortably into your hand. The two metal spheres on the top that emit the current are very reminiscent of Nuface, another microcurrent device that is now going to get a run for its money with this new competitor.

FOREO BEAR beauty device displayed with soft case and serum in front of a beautiful orchid
Simple to use and highly effective – FOREO BEAR microcurrent beauty device


How can microcurrent lift and tone the face?

It sounds too simple doesn’t it. You cleanse your face, apply a conductive gel and gently and painlessly glide BEAR over your skin in an upward and outward motion. While you are sweeping BEAR across your skin, the metal spheres are sending tiny electrical currents into the skin. This not only works out the muscles, it also creates cell renewal and increases collagen production. Collagen along with elastin, deplete as you get older. They are the scaffolding holding your face up, so once the supplies start to drop, so does your face. Quite literally, but obviously over a period of time.

BEAR is rechargeable and like all FOREO products, one charge lasts so much longer than equivalent products. BEAR can be used for about 80 times before needing to be recharged. Because BEAR is completely cordless, it can be used anywhere. In front of the television, in the garden, even while you are making supper. Each programme last around 3-5 minutes and it has 5 separate intensities. The super intelligent BEAR has an anti-shock system that monitors your sensitivity to electricity and adapts accordingly.

What is FOREO BEAR like to use?

Woman using FOREO beauty device on her jawline

I’m no stranger to home-use beauty gadgets, I much prefer them to visiting a beauty salon and I’m happy to invest in safe and reliable products. The only drawback I’ve found in the past, is compliance. I have been known to start enthusiastically, using the product on a regular basis and then I tail off. If the treatment takes too long or I must be stuck next to a power point, I lose interest. The same goes for seeing results, I need to see results fairly quickly or I can’t see the point in putting in the effort.

Mature woman using FOREO BEAR beauty device on her upper cheek

BEAR arrives in a smart case with a soft cover and a USB lead. It can be used with the FOREO App, download it and register your device. You can then set the intensity through the App and follow a facial workout. I found the App irritating! Having to log in every time annoys me, especially as I have ticked remember me, and watching the model apply serum every time, unnecessary. The facial workout changes the intensity of the device as you go through the programme. This works well but once you’ve done the routine, you’ve got it. No need to follow it again. BEAR works perfectly well without the App in my experience.


FOREO BEAR beauty device displayed with selection of accessories including sof case and USB lead
FOREO BEAR is supplied with a soft case, USB lead, stand and Serum sample
Womans hand demonstrating how small the FOREO BEAR beauty device is
FOREO BEAR  – small, rechargeable, and completely portable


BEAR can be used with any water-based serum but FOREO has developed their own, Serum Serum Serum, so good they named it thrice! It has a nice blend of hyaluronic acid and squalane but at £49.00 it is expensive.

What are the results from using BEAR regularly?

I have been using BEAR for about 6 weeks and love it. The simplicity and ease of use is second to none and I am really starting to notice great results. A sharper jawline and skin that fits my face better is a real bonus. And I swear the lines on my forehead and around my eyes have softened. You can use BEAR at the sides of your neck, avoiding your throat and this does tighten the skin on the neck. Mine wasn’t lose as such but it appears more lifted and toned than it did before. I have been consistent and used BEAR practically every day and sometimes more than once. It’s really easy to do a treatment when you cleanse in the morning and at night. Because BEAR is so quick and easy to use, as well as being completely portable, I’ve kept up with the treatment. It’s always been a pleasure and not a chore.

FOEREO BEAR beauty device held between a woman's fingers showing how small and compact it is

Is microcurrent safe to use at home?

The microcurrent emitted from BEAR is completely safe and has been in use in beauty salons for many years. It is the same system used by CACI, but BEAR is so much easier to use.

The results I’m getting are consistent to when I’ve used Radio Frequency, which uses heat to deliver minor trauma into the skin to lift and tone and promote collagen production. With BEAR there is no irritation and no down time. The treatment is completely painless (to me, of course you may be more sensitive) and your skin is fresh and bright but not red after use.

So, for less cost than one appointment at the aesthetic clinic, you can lift and tone skin for a fresher more youthful look.

Any questions? Just drop them below, I will be happy to answer them.

FOREO BEAR* £279.00 available from CurrentBody* who kindly supplied the device for this review.

*Affiliate link

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