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It’s time to step up your footcare and get feet ready for summer

April is Foot Health Awareness Month and it just so happens to be when I realise that my feet have been bundled in warm socks and boots for far too long.

During the winter, our feet hardly see the light of day. Spring suddenly arrives and if you’re not careful your feet aren’t ready to face the world. I’ve been caught out once too often, so I’ve learned to start getting my feet ready for summer months beforehand.

This year, I am really in luck. Not only have B-Line Beauty, leaders in the field of footcare, sent me some of their super-effective footcare products to trial, we are also in lockdown. I’m not getting as many miles ticked off, but I do have more time for selfcare. And, as we all know, that during stressful times, selfcare is so important. So, I am looking on the positive side and spending some time pampering my hard-working feet and carrying out home pedicures.

Selection of B-Line Beauty products displayed next to a window
Feet Treat available in a jar and handy travel size


B-Line Beauty – where it all began

B-Line Beauty was founded by Annette Foley-Craigen, a former actress who built a second career with an international beauty company. Her fascination with shoes and an understanding of the demands we put on feet led her to create B-Line over 30 years ago. At the time, B-Line was a professional range, but over the years, Annette realised the demand for salon-quality products for home use. Starting with a small range of products, B-Line now offer hand and body products, nail care, products for men and essential oils from their website.

B-Line products are used in salons and spas throughout the country and the company’s base also has a training facility for therapists.

Plant Power

You’ll find some wonderful therapeutic and aromatic essential oils in the B-Line foot products. Tea Tree Oil, a relatively new ingredient, 30 years ago, features, as well as Lavender Oil, both wonderful at keeping feet healthy and fragrant.

B-Line Beauty footcare products delivered in eco-packaging
Products arrive in eco-friendly recyclable outer packaging


At-home pedicure with salon-quality products

B-Line Beauty sent me their key footcare products to try and they arrived beautifully packaged in eco-friendly and completely recyclable packaging. This isn’t surprising as their products themselves are packaged in recyclable materials, and they were the first company to banish microbeads from their products. They also never use parabens or phthalates, are vegan friendly, and their products are never tested on animals. These foot products are also suitable if you are diabetic.

B-Line Beauty Footcare collection displayed in a wicker basket
Pretty and practical packaging from B-Line Beauty

Erase 50ml £15.95

Being a runner and avid walker, my feet take a constant bashing, dry skin builds up and it’s not only unsightly, it can also be painful. I was especially looking forward to using Erase, a professional grade product that you spray onto dry skin and sore heels and use a rasp or pumice to effectively rub away the hard skin. It’s impressive! Even after the first use, I saw a noticeable difference. Most of the hard skin was removed and the little that was left was softened. Further use proved this product invaluable; I literally won’t be without this ever again. Nothing else works so quickly or effectively.

Heel Appeal 50ml £19.50

Just as the name suggests, this product is going to make your heels far more appealing. Heel Appeal contains 25% more urea than many other brands and is an effective exfoliant and helps lock in moisture. Soothing Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils fragrance and give antibacterial properties to the cream. Massaging this into the feet is lovely, it sinks in easily and leaves them looking so much healthier.

Feet Treat 200ml Jar £23.50 – 150ml tube £19.50 – 50ml £8.50

Listen to this ingredient list and you would think I was reading from a menu, all B-Line Beauty products are plant-based.

Sunflower Seed Oil
Coconut Oil
Cocoa Seed Butter
Sweet Almond Oil
Jojoba Seed Oil
Tea Tree Leaf Oil
Lavender Oil
Bilberry Extract
Lemon Extract
Sugar Maple Extract
Sugar Cane Extract
Orange Fruit Extract

These gorgeous ingredients are what make Feet Treat live up to its name. After using Erase and Heel Appeal, seal everything in with Feet Treat. Pop on some cotton socks and I promise when you remove them, you will feel as if you have just stepped out of the salon having had the most wonderful pedicure.

Cooling Foot Spray 50ml £7.50

I used this spray on my feet after a long walk and it immediately soothed them. I haven’t tried it yet, but I bet it’s wonderful to travel with. Spray into shoes for a deodorising, refreshing treatment that is antibacterial and fungicidal while still being moisturising and softening.

Wooden Rasp for Feet £19.50

B-Line also kindly sent me their dual-sided wooden rasp which works a treat, it quickly and efficiently removes hard skin, leaving feet soft and smooth. A quick rinse under the tap and it’s ready for the next use.

Whether you use one, or all the products in the B-Line Beauty Feet Collection, you can be sure that your feet will never have looked so good.

All products can be purchased individually.  You can also buy Erase and the Foot Rasp together, and there are two kits, Home Maintenance and the Deluxe Footcare Kit.

B-Line Beauty is offering 20% off all products until 30th April 2020. Use Code BLE2020

B-Line Beauty

With thanks to B-Line Beauty who supplied the products shown for review.

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