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The growth factor formulation to rejuvenate lashes and brows that really works!

Strong eyebrows have been in fashion during the past few years.  Although this hasn’t always been the case.  Back in the 1970s, a thin delicate arch was in fashion, and many women like me, plucked their eyebrows to achieve the desired effect.

Fast forward 40 years and we are now regretting taking such drastic action.  Our brows have never fully recovered.  Combine this with the effects of ageing, where hair becomes sparse in the areas you want it, head, lashes and brows, and appears in places you don’t, like your chin. 

Over the past few years I have tried several products to increase the length of lashes and thicken eyebrows – and they haven’t worked.  I suspect that I give up too quickly and really you need to use then for many months to see good results.  There lies the problem, dedication and cost.  When you’ve spent a lot of money and don’t see any results you are reluctant to carry on.  Now, I am pleased to tell you that I have found a game changer, a product that really works quickly and efficiently.

1970s eyebrows

AQ Skin Solutions Lash – Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancement System

This subtle looking and modestly named product, consists of a tiny bottle of powerful serum and a pack of 30 disposable applicators.  The simple container hides years of research and biotechnology that has gone into creating a formula to regenerate hair.  Not only will this easy to use product restore lashes and brows, it will do so within a month.  Too good to be true you might be thinking, and so did I.  That was until I tried Lash from AQ Skin Solutions.

When the sample arrived, and I took out the tiny bottle and individual applicators, I honestly wondered if I would really see a difference in my eyebrows.  I was more concerned about my brows than lashes, a quick curl and a sweep of mascara can improve my lashes which are already a reasonable length.  My brows on the other hand, were patchier and thinner than they used to be.

What is the effect of using Lash from AQ Skin Solutions?

I started using Lash, gently stroking the solution along the lash line, and across each eyebrow every evening before going to bed.  It’s a simple procedure and the cleverly shaped applicator means you never contaminate the product.  Although I wasn’t expecting to see a difference quickly, I had been told I would see a noticeable difference in a month.  By the second week my eyelashes looked slightly darker and more noticeable without mascara.  My eyebrows looked a little more obvious than usual and with less gaps in them.

By the third week I forgot to put on mascara one day which is completely unheard of, my lashes looked strong and healthy.  My eyebrows continued to look thicker and a little darker and you could hardly see any gaps.  I was starting to be seriously impressed.

Using Lash from AQ Skin Solutions gave me thicker, darker and fuller brows

After using Lash from AQ Skin Solutions for a month, my lashes looked noticeably longer, stronger and darker.  It was my eyebrows where I saw the most difference, the gaps had filled in, the hair had grown over them, and they were thicker and a more even, darker colour.  I was kicking myself that I didn’t take any photographs beforehand – I should have had more faith!  I was so surprised at the result, it was definitely worth consistently using the product every night.  In view of the results, I would be happy to spend this much on Lash once a year to keep my lashes and brows looking more abundant.

What’s makes Lash different?

Lash is created using growth factors which naturally stimulate the rejuvenation of the hair matrix.  It’s like giving a kick start to get hair to grow as it did when you were younger.  Growth factors are safe to use, we have them naturally occurring in our bodies and skin.

What are Growth Factors?

Growth factors are found in many different types of cell within the human body. They are a multifunction group of specialised proteins, one of the most important functions is the activation of cellular proliferation and differentiation.  Essential cellular activities are switched on and off by growth factors, and they play a role in increasing cell production, cell division, blood vessel production and collagen and elastin production.  Growth factors are vital when it comes to keeping a youthful appearance.  Natural cellular renewal and damage repair processes are made by growth factors within the skin and scalp. 

Can anyone use Lash from AQ Skin Solutions?

Yes, the product has been specifically formulated for the lash area and can even be used whilst wearing false lashes.

How long will the Lash effect last?

Once you have used Lash for a month, the cellular connection has been re-established, so the effect is permanent.  The normal ageing process or overuse of false lashes and plucking brows, will reduce the effects.  It’s suggested that you use Lash yearly for maintenance or more often if you wish to improve the general health and feel of your lashes.

Who are AQ Skin Solutions?

AQ Skin Solutions was created by Dr Ahmed Al-Qahtani who has pioneered research into growth factors in medical applications, for wound healing and creating artificial skin grafts.  Through his experience of growth factor biotechnology, Dr Ahmed has developed a process for producing the highest quality and effective growth factors for improving the appearance of skin and the look of hair.

How much is Lash and where can I buy it?

Lash costs £149.99 and can be purchased from Skin City

This product was a press sample