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Three ultimate skincare products for healthy glowing skin

It’s always exciting when Alpha-H launches a new product. Even more exciting when it’s part of a QVC TSV and costs only £42.00!

I wonder if Michelle Doherty anticipated how far Alpha-H would come when she launched the brand 25 years ago. Available in 30 countries, for sale at some of the most prestigious retailers, and available on airlines throughout the world.  And all started in Michelle’s family garage in Australia. This family-owned brand has grown to be a global phenomenon.

What stands Alpha-H apart, is Michelle’s uncompromising commitment to product development. Only the finest ingredients make the cut and included at levels that really do change the way your skin behaves and looks. Each product in the range has a distinct purpose and delivers what it promises, every time.

The 25th Anniversary Rose Gold Collection contains three exceptional products

Three Alph-H beauty products in wire heart

To mark the brand’s 25th anniversary, Alpha-H has partnered with QVC UK to launch its latest rose inspired products.

Liquid Gold Rose Perfect and Plump 15g

In celebration of their 25th anniversary, Alpha-H has released Liquid Gold Rose Perfect and Plump. A beautiful lip balm to gently hydrate, plump, and firm the lips. ‘The Liquid Gold Effect’ is achieved through natural fruit enzymes which increase cellular renewal helping to diminish fine vertical lip lines. Developed with an exciting new ingredient, PLUMP Olèoacif, which gives increased lip volume immediately and long term. A natural peptide helps stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid hydrates the lips. The perfect product for women who have lost volume in their lips.

Editors notes: Wow, just wow! The first time I used this balm my lips felt immediately hydrated and soft. When used overnight, it looked as if my lips had been renewed. They were smooth and definitely plumper. Unlike some lip balms, Liquid Gold Rose Perfect and Plump sinks into the lips rather than sits on them. This balm is definitely staying in my skincare routine.

Liquid Gold Rose Super-size 200ml

Liquid Gold has been at the forefront of the brand and if you’ve already tried the calming and rejuvenating properties of this iconic lotion, you’ll know just how special it is. In 2017, Alpha-H took Liquid Gold to another level by introducing Liquid Gold Rose. A special edition of the loved formulation that includes aromatic botanicals and moisture-boosting ingredients including rose, lotus and orchid extracts. Glycolic acid is included at the same percentage as the original Liquid Gold, which stimulates cellular metabolism while at the same time soothes and hydrates the skin. Skin appears smoother, clearer and rejuvenated after a Liquid Gold Rose night.

See our video about Liquid Gold Rose

Editors notes: I swapped my usual Liquid Gold for Liquid Gold Rose when it was first launched. I love the delicate rose fragrance and the way it hydrates my skin as well making it look smoother and more even-textured. I’m delighted that this supersize bottle is readily available again.

Limited Edition Balancing Cleanser Rose 185ml

One of Alpha-H most loved products is the Balancing Cleanser. The gentle formulation that is still powerful enough to remove even the most stubborn makeup, is brought up-to-date with this Rose variation. Balancing Cleanser Rose has the same 3-in-1 function that completely removes every trace of makeup and SPF while toning and rebalancing the skin. As well as aloe vera and vitamin E, Balancing Cleanser Rose has soothing anti-inflammatory damask rose oil, which gives it a beautiful delicate fragrance.

Editors notes: I was very late to the party. Everyone told me how good Balancing Cleanser was but it’s only recently that I’ve tried it. Everything they said was true. Now, as if Alpha-H has answered all my dreams, Balancing Cleanser Rose comes along offering all the benefits of the original cleanser but with the gorgeous delicate fragrance of rose. I couldn’t be happier. The cleanser does the job of completely dissolving all makeup, including eye makeup without stinging the eyes or leaving them feeling heavy or greasy. As for your skin, it feels thoroughly cleansed but without feeling dry. Another product that will be remaining in my bathroom.

These three products would be a perfect addition to your new year skincare routine. They are balancing, soothing, hydrating, and sure to have your skin glowing in no time. And, I’m blown away by the price, this really is a steal for these products.

The Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Rose Gold Collection is £42.00 and when it’s gone, it’s gone! Buy yours from QVC UK item number 240383 on January 18th with pre-sales available from 15th January 2020.

The products shown were supplied as a press sample

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