Rob Hobson cooks from The Detox Kitchen Bible

Rob Hobson cooks from The Detox Kitchen Bible

Watch Rob Hobson prepare Baked Aubergine with Pomegranate in the Fighting Fifty kitchen!

Rob Hobson, Nutritionist, Head of Nutrition at Healthspan, author and fabulous cook, came to the Fighting Fifty kitchen to prepare a recipe from his new book.

Watch the video below to see Rob Hobson prepare Baked Aubergine with Pomegranate

The Detox Kitchen Bible is packed with 200 recipes for glorious health – all free from wheat, dairy and refined sugar.  Together with Lily Simpson, founder of The Detox Kitchen, Rob Hobson has created a wonderful reference guide to eating well for good health and enjoyment.


The Detox Kitchen Bible

The book works differently to other recipe books; at the end of most of the recipes there is a list of the main nutrients supplied in each serving.  To be classified as a 'rich' source for a particular vitamin or mineral, the amount has to comply with recognised guidance; for example, the amount of the nutrient must be at least 30 per cent of the recommended daily allowance (RDA).

Following the list of nutrients is a list of the health issues that may be benefitted by including the recipe in your healthy diet, and these are colour coded to relate to the nutritional guides and tailored detox plans also in the book.   There are detox plans for weight loss and vegetarians and vegans.

Rather than a book telling you what to cut out of your diet, The Detox Kitchen Bible, explains what to include; with nutrition basics, detailed explanations of key food groups and which foods to eat for maximum vitamin and mineral nourishment.

The detox plans will take you through exactly what to eat for each meal of the programme, with all recipes featuring in the book, it's a fool proof way to kick start a new healthier eating regime.  Whether you want to boost your immunity, tackle weight loss or fight fatigue there's a section dedicated to common health issues.

The Detox Kitchen Bible is much more than a recipe book, it's packed with health and nutrition advice from two leading experts, it's joy to look at, a pleasure to read and the recipes are all easy to prepare.  Every kitchen should have one!

For the Baked Aubergine and Pomegranate recipe click here

The Detox Kitchen Bible £17.00 available from Amazon