Will Pilates help my fitness for other sports?

This question is wonderful as it allows Pilates teachers to demonstrate just how diverse and adaptable the technique is.

From its origins in remedial exercise, internment camp amputees in WW1, to the work of Elizabeth Larkham today with Afghanistan veteran amputees. Athletes such as David Beckham, Olympians (too many to name!) as well as elite ballet dancers in all the major International Company’s, all are examples of Pilates being part of their training.

Sports science has finally caught up with our focus on balance throughout the body, as a tennis player, baseball player, cricketer etc. you are always going to have a stronger serving arm but in seeking to address the weaker side we can gain more balance and therefore more power, speed, accuracy throughout the whole body. So whether you are playing Sunday league or training for Rio 2016 Pilates can only enhance and improve your potential.

Author: Suzy Mitchell, Pilates Expert

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