My skin always looks slightly grey and a bit lifeless is there anything that will wake it up a bit?

Yes there is plenty you can practice:

1- regular daily facial massage is vital for increasing the circulation which will help to bring colour, tone, brightness and luminosity back to your skin.

2- cleansing your skin with cleansers that also help to brighten the skin using natural plant enzymes like pumpkin are superb for instant brightening! Also moisturisers that contain brightening ingredients are great. Creams which also nourish and moisturises the skin are vital to help bring ‘spring and brightness’ to the skin.

3- drink plenty of water, eat less sugar and processed food. The simplest and best way is to try to eat food that is as colourful as possible and comes as fresh from the ground. Also don’t forget to BREATH! Get as much oxygen into your lungs as possible so be aware of how you breath when at your desk, going to work, with the kids, cooking super, watching television etc.

4- walk faster, In fact walk as fast as you can as much as you can during your day, so when walking to work or the shop or where ever, focus on walking and deep breathing. This is an excellent way of boosting your xylem and skin and whole body without going to the gym.

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