I like the sound of microdermabrasion but I’m worried it will be too harsh for my sensitive skin.  Can anyone have this treatment?

Microdermabrasion is suitable for most skin types but not all.  There are different types of equipment and knowing a little about them can help you to determine where to go.  Typically microdermabrasion systems use either crystals or diamond tips to polish dead skin cells away to reveal younger, fresher skin underneath.

With the crystal method, tiny particles are sprayed on to the skin and then sucked away, this can be slightly more aggressive than using diamond tips.  Most diamond systems have a selection of tips with tiny diamond particles on, ranging in the level of aggression, allowing the therapist to be as gentle or aggressive as required.

However, if you do have sensitive skin it is important to have a patch test, this can be done at the side of the face.  A small area of skin can be treated and left for 48 hours to see if there is any reaction.  If you do suffer from broken capillaries or rosacea then the treatment may not be suitable for you.

Author: Kathryn Danzey, Anti-Ageing Expert