Does Botox Get Bad Press?

In recent years the media hype surrounding the use of Botox has veered towards the more positive. I feel this is due to several factors. Firstly there has been a significant increase in the use of Botox for cosmetic reasons by the general public and with that comes a greater understanding about the treatment. Secondly, much of the media focus of late has highlighted the positive benefits of Botox for many health related issue i.e. it’s not just used to get rid of lines and wrinkles. This helps reinforce confidence in the safety of the product backed up by the extensive clinic trials and research undertaken into the drug.

Negative articles written about this treatment are still around and will always remain so. Often journalists get the facts wrong when writing about a cosmetic procedure and tend to blame the wrong product. As with all cosmetic procedures there are always a risk of unwanted side effects however these are extremely rare and in the case of Botox completely reversible.

Author: Dr Lisa Delamaine MBBS BSc Hons , Cosmetic Surgeon