Do I need to wear a moisturiser at night?

Asked by Marilyn

When we use a moisturiser during the day, we use it to mainly protect our skin from the elements, like sun, cold, pollution, makeup. So, it makes sense to use a moisturiser with SPF, to give it extra protection from natural sunlight. However, at night we do not need a moisturiser. The reason being, when we are at rest or asleep our body does most of its rejuvenation and repairing. A moisturiser sits on the skin’s surface, so blocks the skin from doing its natural job. Skin is the largest excretory organ, so if it is blocked with dry, dead skin cells or blocked with a heavy moisturiser, it cannot eliminate toxins and allow the skin to breathe. If your skin is on the dry side or pre-aging, it can be of benefit to use face oils and serums. Both of these work on deeper levels of the skin. Bharti’s Special Oil is perfect overnight treatment with repairing ingredients including rosehip, saffron, hemp and argon oil. In the same way, a serum acts as a catalyst for the skin.

Author: Bharti Vyas, Holistic Therapist

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