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The ethical soap maker, Dr Bronner’s, is encouraging us all to Heal Earth

World Earth Day has never been a better time to stop and reflect on man’s effect on Earth. Especially during a global pandemic when we have been forced to slow down and consider our actions.

In normal circumstances, April is the month I get to meet up with Mike Bronner and the team from Dr Bronner’s. The Natural and Organic Product Show is held this month and it gives us a chance to review the previous year’s activities and discuss future plans. This year, we are in lockdown and unlikely to be meeting again until next year.

My passion and admiration for this ethical and completely sustainable company goes back many years, as does the company’s history.

Founded in 1858 by Mike’s grandfather, Emanuel Bronner, Dr Bronner’s were way ahead of their time in creating natural cosmetics. Their 18-in-1 Liquid Soap is a best seller in the USA and formulated with the finest fair trade oils.
The plant-based, multi-use personal care products are effective and safe for families, as well as the Earth. They are made in a factory that is 100 percent powered by renewable energy. And, the company, whose products are distributed in more than 40 countries, dedicate all profits not needed for business to progressive causes and charities.

Dr Bronner’s Heal Earth!

To help educate and inform, Dr Bronner’s has teamed up with its worldwide partners to launch the ‘Heal Earth’ campaign. Through online retail, social media and community spaces, they hope to drive home our collective need to Heal Earth.

Michael Bronner, President of Dr Bronner’s and grandson of founder Emanuel Bronner, said, “We hope to educate consumers about regenerative organic agriculture as we are committed to ensuring that all of the plant-based ingredients for our products are sourced in a regenerative organic way.” He went on to say, “The farming practices to produce the major raw ingredients for our products are able to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and contribute to the resilience of our global community in the face of a changing climate. Shifting to this form of agriculture is imperative to improving and ensuring soil health, animal welfare, and fair labour, and is necessary to holistically replace factory farming and mitigate climate change.

As a company that has built sustainability throughout its supply chain, Dr Bronner’s sources all of its major raw materials for its biodegradable, non-synthetic products from certified organic and fair trade projects around the world, supporting thousands of smallholder farmers, including from Ghana (palm oil), Palestine and Israel (olive oil), Sri Lanka (coconut oil). The company’s commitment to its fair trade and organic supply chain is demonstrated through working directly with the farmers to increase knowledge and skills for implementation of regenerative organic agriculture, which are carbon-sequestering farming practices such as minimal tillage, diverse crop rotation, composting, and cover cropping – while supporting the wellbeing and economic vitality of their communities.

This campaign is also designed to support all Dr Bronner’s charity partners that work in animal advocacy and help fight global climate change including Compassion in World Farming, a campaigning and lobbying animal welfare organisation and the UK Youth Climate Coalition, a not-for-profit community organization which encourages young people to take positive action for global climate justice.

Dr Bronner's Soap displaying Health Earth

Why buy Dr Bronner’s

Not only are the oils used in the production of Dr Bronner’s soaps fair trade, but the products are also free from synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, synthetic foaming agents or thickeners. Other than the lip and body balms, which contain beeswax, the products are Vegan. The packaging is recyclable. There is no animal testing and a third of all profits go to social and ecological projects.

Having used Dr Bronner’s soaps for many years, I can vouch for their quality and versatility. I have used the soaps for everything from travelling to washing fruit and vegetables. And, I am not alone in my love of this ethical brand, in 2018, a bottle of Dr Bronner’s soap was sold, on average, every 2.2 seconds throughout the year – that is a lot of soap!

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