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We preview the eating plan to better health and sensible weight loss

I knew I wanted to give The G Plan Diet a go as soon as I read about it.  Although, in principle I don’t like diets, this plan is as much about the health benefits as weight loss.  I’ve noticed that the older I get the harder it is to digest certain foods and I feel it might be time to reset my gut.

There has been much written about the gut in recent months and how by establishing a good gut microbiome you can improve your digestion, skin condition, energy levels and overall health.  But how to do that?  The G Plan Diet sets out to address this and more.

This is a preview of The G Plan Diet not a review!

On receiving The G Plan Diet, I dashed out and started to gather the foods I needed to start the 21-day Plan.  I then read through my diary and realised there was the Beauty Awards coming up, a long-awaited meal with friends at Le Gavroche, Christmas, New Year and a special birthday celebration.  If I started the plan I was already destined to fail!  So, rather than this being a review of the Plan, this is in fact a preview.  I will start the Plan in January after the celebrations and at a time when I can focus without distractions of the edible kind.  If you want to join me, then enter the competition below to win a copy of The G Plan Diet.

What is The G Plan Diet?

This is a book and app that will help you to rebalance and renourish your gut.  It teaches you how to rest your digestion and how to gradually rebuild your gut health by following a menu plan.  It will help you to eliminate bloating and discomfort, help improve your mood and energy levels and help to shift some of those stubborn pounds you’ve been trying to lose.

The book is based on three phases, Rest, to eliminate junk food and give your digestive system a break. Re-wild, where you introduce gut friendly pre-and probiotic foods and drinks. And Rebalance, the final 7-day phase where you reintroduce foods that could potentially be difficult for you to digest, to see how you react to them, or not as the case may be.  Over the 21 days you’ll learn which foods aggravate the gut and which soothe.  There are shopping lists to make the whole process easier and detailed recipes to prepare the meals. 

The G Plan Diet includes over 40 recipes that are quick, easy and delicious.  You are encouraged to make large portions, so meals are already prepared for the next day.  This is particularly helpful if you are working and need to take food with you. 

I’m looking forward to trying the Plan and will report back at the end of January!

About the authors of The G Plan Diet

The book is co-written by Amanda Hamilton and Hannah Ebelthite. 

Amanda is one of the UK’s most established nutritionists, who regularly appears on the both the BBC and ITV.  She is the resident nutritionist on BBC Radio 2’s Steve Wright Show and through her book, Eat, Fast, Slim she has helped many people lose weight and regain confidence.  Amanda is a senior associate of the Royal Society of Medicine as well as being a Daily Mail columnist.

Hannah Ebelthite is a health, fitness and wellbeing writer and consultant.  Over the past two decades she has written for the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Woman & Home and Glamour magazine.  She is passionate about promoting sensible and sustainable approaches to health.

The G Plan Diet is available from Amazon £8.46