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Incorporate balance exercises into your daily routine for better brain function

With 42,000 under 60s in the UK showing early signs of dementia, it is important that we understand the positive effects balance has on our brains.

Luke Gray has 35 years of experience behind him working in the fitness industry and during this time, he has discovered the importance of balance on our brain function.

We asked Luke more about how we can help slow down or even maybe avoid dementia in the future.

I have an amazing relationship with the neuro physiotherapists at St John and St Elizabeth Hospital in London and they regularly send clients to us to continue their rehabilitation journey.

We have had the pleasure of assisting post-stroke, dementia, Parkinson’s and MS clients as well as the more common back, knee, shoulder and hip rehabilitation.

One type of exercise that has been most successful to all age groups are our specialist balance exercises.

Standing on one leg promotes a flow of blood to the part of the brain responsible for cognitive function.

Balance exercises have already slowed down the process of dementia with all of our hospital clients.

All of our clients from 17 to 92 years old enjoy our balance exercises as they combine cognitive function with thigh, buttock and core muscle development.

Try to incorporate a balance exercise into your daily routine – for example standing for 1 minute on alternate legs while brushing your teeth, or a moving one legged balance ten times per leg.

It takes as little as 3 minutes of your day, but I promise that the benefits will be huge!

Follow Luke’s simple balance exercise in the video below


About Luke Gray

Luke Gray has encouraged thousands of clients over his career to achieve their fitness goals with his fun and engaging workouts.

As a passionate advocate for preventative medicine through exercise, Luke’s ‘prehab’ approach is something that has evolved over his years working in the industry, leading him to create a unique fusion of physio rehab and strength training.

He is well versed in rehabilitating clients with problematic backs, knees or other injuries who are referred to him from the top hospitals and medical practitioners in the capital. He excels in empowering people of any level, with or without injury, to enjoy exercise with carefully designed and fun programmes.

Luke Gray is Co-Founder of Feelnoo* – Live online fitness classes for everyone – Enjoy a £5.00 discount on monthly subscriptions, using code FIGHTINGFIFTY at checkout.

Man dressed in blue outfit on the rocks performing a balance exercise

Please consult your doctor before starting any new exercise routine

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