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Zemedy is a new app to manage IBS using clinically proven techniques

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) affects one in seven people, that’s up to 17% of the UK population and is the second largest cause of work absences. The debilitating digestive condition can be difficult to  manage and may lead to depression, severe physical pain and anxiety.

Zemedy allows IBS sufferers to self-manage their symptoms

As well as treating the physical symptoms of IBS, it is important to be aware of the deep-rooted causes that are hidden within your nervous system and psychosocial factors. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can treat this by regulating the nervous system and improving the gut feeling. While CBT is acknowledged to have the highest clinical outcomes for IBS patients, but is rarely accessible due to the global shortage of clinicians trained in CBT for IBS.

If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, you might like to know there is a new, evidence-based app, called Zemedy, that allows you to self-manage your symptoms using cognitive behavioural therapy.

Zemedy offers a self-administered, clinically proven digital care programme to help restore the gut-brain balance. Zemedy provides 24/7 access to CBT, specifically tailored for individuals with IBS.

Zemedy takes the stress and anxiety out of IBS

Created by a Doctor and IBS patient, this innovative app empowers you to effectively overcome the stress and anxiety that ultimately impacts on your gut health. You can manage your condition privately and relieve symptoms directly from your mobile phone at any time.

Zemedy uses a digitised version of a clinical protocol that is recognised by the NHS, proving 60-80% effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy for IBS. Its focus on user experience provides a safe and secure environment for you to take charge of your own gut health and improve it in the long term.

Zemedy emphasises the connection between digestive health and mental wellbeing and helps you to discover your triggers and to modify your behaviour and lifestyle. You quickly learn how to relieve your symptoms with six weekly modules.

Woman's hand holding a mobile phone showing the Zemedy app that allows IBS sufferers to manage their symptoms
Zemedy is the user friendly app that allows you to naturally manage your IBS symptoms


Zemedy has a friendly interface with Mel, the virtual IBS coach, who will give you a personalised alternative to traditional therapies.

The app has been tested in a randomised controlled trial in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania. It’s based on research carried out by Professor Melissa Hunt, an expert in the treatment and research of IBS, and adapted by Marie Chellingsworth, a UK expert in digital CBT.

A number of the tools for gut-brain regulation within the programme were created with leading clinical and technology specialists, like Professor Peter Whorwell, one of the UK’s leading GI doctors, for the gut-directed hypnotherapy elements.

Join the Zemedy community for online support from other IBS sufferers

As well as the six-week programme and self-management toolkit, you can also join the Zemedy community, which already has 13,000 members, and provides a safe place for you and other users to exchange experiences, discover tips and to come together to help break down the stigma surrounding IBS.

Zemedy is subscription-based app available for Apple and Android phones.

Visit Zemedy for more information.

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