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It’s said that a standing desk or sit-stand desk converter can improve your health and productivity

You’ve no doubt heard that sitting for long periods of time is detrimental to your health. Too much sitting has been linked to many health concerns including, obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, heart disease and diabetes.

For many of us, it’s difficult not to be sitting for most of the day. If your job involves working at a computer, the chances are it’s on a desk and that’s where you can be found from 9-5.

Even working from home, I’m locked to the computer for several hours a day.
I’ve noticed the strain on my back, neck and shoulders and often feel the need to stretch when I stand up. These are the noticeable signs of sitting at a computer, and that’s nothing to say of the unseen conditions already mentioned. Who knows what stress I’m putting my body through?

Are standing desks better for your health?

Open plan office with a man and woman using sit-stand desk converters as standing and sitting desks
Vari offer a versatile range of sit-stand desk converters


I’ve read a lot about standing desks and sit-stand desks and the health benefits associated with them. Although not proven it’s thought that, by reducing prolonged sitting and creating an active workspace, you can lower blood pressure, lower your risk of diabetes, increase your blood flow and even increase your concentration levels. It sounds good doesn’t it.

The more I researched standing desks and sit-stand desks, the more I realised that they aren’t made equal. It’s so important to invest in a well designed and manufactured desk. The desk must come up to high quality standards, be solid and well built, and easy to use. Ideally you want to be able to adjust the height of your standing desk so that you can sit-stand during the day.

Vari are the number one choice for sit-stand desk converters

Overhead view of a Vari standing desk sit-stand desk converter showing a laptop and computer screen
The compact design of the VariDesk sit-stand standing desk


Vari are market leaders in sit-standing desk converters, that can quickly and easily convert a desk or table into a standing desk. Their VariDesk products can turn any existing desk into an active workspace. The desk converters come in a range of sizes to suit every need. They are delivered ready assembled and have a weighted base for stability. The two tiered design has a lower keyboard deck and a simple mechanism to raise and lower the desk.

Available in a choice of colours, and a choice of sizes to suit the office, home office or study. The bestselling VariDesk Pro Plus 36, an impressive sized desk that can carry two monitors easily, is designed with a posture curve and rowing lift to simply adjust the height. The VariDesk Pro Plus 30 is a more compact version with the same features. If space is tight, the VariDesk Cube Plus 40 works for narrow desks and has a lower slide-out keyboard tray.

Vari offer a 30 day no-quibble guarantee

Vari guarantee every desk they sell and are the American market leaders in office furniture and equipment. They are so confident in the quality of their products that they offer a 30 day guarantee, as well as a warranty that covers the complete product, and not just the parts. All products are delivered free and Vari test and certify all their products. You can purchase one in complete confidence.

It’s more cost effective to purchase a sit-stand desk converter than a standing desk

There is also a huge saving in purchasing a sit-stand desk converter. They are more cost effective than replacing your desk and take up no more room than your existing workspace.

Tips for using a sit-stand desk converter or standing desk

  1. Slowly build up the time spent standing. Ease yourself into your new workspace and alternate between standing and sitting during the day. And stand for no more than two consecutive hours. Remember you still need to move regularly throughout the day.
  2. Use an anti-fatigue mat to lower the strain on your legs.
  3. Wear comfortable flat shoes.
  4. Make sure your desk is easily adjustable to different heights, to avoid strain on your back.
  5. Position your monitor and mouse to the correct height for you, making sure you are not putting strain on your wrists.
  6. An Active Seat will give you the flexibility of dynamic movement sitting or standing.

Sit-stand converters are the ideal way to experience all the benefits of a standing desk without changing your existing workspace. I think it’s time for me to try a new way of working, especially if it’s going to help me to be healthier and more productive!

The VariDesk Pro range of desk converters are available to buy online from Vari – prices from £275.00

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