Author: Tracey McAlpine

The next morning my ankle was still very swollen and varying shades of purple both sides and up my calf

I went to take a look at ‘hole’ that my ankle went over on and as you can see it’s barely a hole, I must have just stepped onto the side of it.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve sprained my ankle, I’ve done it before running and with the RICE technique – rest, ice, compression and elevation it has slowly healed.

Having nothing in the apartment to strap up my foot we went to the nearest department store and found a sports ankle support, and the local supermarket for what must have been the oldest looking pack of frozen peas I’ve ever seen, thank goodness I wasn’t planning on eating them! 

I continued to ice my foot and kept it elevated for as long as possible.  At the time the ankle didn’t seem too painful and as we were flying home the following day I carried on as usual.

Chris called from London to say the boiler has packed up and there is sewage overflowing in the garden.  Jeez what a thing to look forward to.

We packed up the apartment and headed to the airport.  This must be the first time I couldn’t be bothered to look around the shops.  I was already starting to notice how long it takes to get anywhere with a sprained ankle,  how many steps they have at Luton airport and how much you feel in the way when walking slower than anyone else.