Author: Tracey McAlpine

The first day of the Power Phase

I changed my tactics the night before and took the bedtime tablets a little earlier; I then paced myself with the required amount of water and had a better night’s sleep.  I woke and still had the most awful sore throat, and I lost my voice, not completely but enough that the small croak that came out couldn’t be heard by the family.  It’s quite irritating not being able to shout up the stairs when lunch is ready.

Talking of lunch I have been very lucky that I haven’t had to do much cooking, I imagine this would seem much harder if you were constantly cooking for everyone else and having nothing yourself. 

The usual routine continues in the Power Phase, hot lemon water to start off the day and then another increase in supplements, I’m now taking 2 Super Multi, 1 Milk Thistle, 2 Super Vitamin C, 4 Clean Green, 2 tbsp. Flaxseed Oil and 2 Super Cleanse in the morning, and 1 Milk Thistle, 2 Super Cleanse and 2 Pure Probiotic in the evening.  I normally take a good handful of supplements, as well as a glass of Collagen Shots, but with my box of tricks I am starting to feel like Barbara Cartland.  The Power Phase is 3 days of only juice, I can consume only fresh fruit and raw vegetable juices, and I need to drink at least 6 x 300ml glasses each day. 

Tip of the day: Remember to body brush it helps to eliminate the toxins

First juice of the day was carrot, apple and ginger, but mainly carrot; it was soothing for the throat and tasted really good.  Chris James suggests walking as a good form of exercise during the Power Phase, he also suggests taking the odd nap if you feel like it, and the truth is this doesn’t really fit into most people’s lives.  I went for a three mile walk which normally I would have loved; it was cold and felt like an effort.  When I got home my throat felt awful but I was determined to stick as closely as possible to the programme, so I had a few mugs of warm water with a teaspoon of manuka honey which helped, I have no idea if this means that I have stuffed the elimination of my toxins, you are allowed to have honey in the earlier phases.

I have copious amounts of water throughout the day, which we know leads to many visits to the bathroom but my system is completely calm.  I should add that the Colosan that I ordered didn’t turn up, so I haven’t had the through cleanse that maybe I would have done with it.  I can’t say that I’m sorry about this!

I drank more of the carrot and apple juice later in the day and thought I would give a mixed vegetable juice a try, I don’t know why but I couldn’t face an all green juice.  I juiced tomatoes, celery, cucumber and peppers hoping for something that tasted like gazpacho, it didn’t, it was quite bitter and burnt my throat.  So for my final batch of juice it was melon, straight, slightly sweet delicious melon.  At no time during the day had I felt hungry, my tummy didn’t rumble once, which is unusual, and if it hadn’t been for the sore throat I would have felt fine.

I googled detox symptoms and there they were everything that I had, apparently you expel toxins when you cough and the sore throat is probably due to the detox and not a virus.  It’s at this point that I imagine people would give up, if not before.  When you are actually feeling worse than when you started it does make you wonder if a detox is worth doing, apparently this what you have to go through to see the results at the end.

By the time I went to bed my headache was back, surely these toxins must be on the way out?

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