Author: Tracey McAlpine

Day Nine last day of the Power Phase

Waking up with a clear head and not such a sore throat makes a huge difference, the croaky voice was still there but I felt really good.  It’s hard to convince people that you actually feel great when you sound like Kermit.  I had been without solid food for two days, drinking only juice and water and I didn’t feel at all hungry.  Little over a week ago I ate pretty much whatever I liked, my diet wasn’t bad but I enjoyed bread and a glass of wine, I wouldn’t say no if a cake (or 2) was offered to me and I know for a fact that I probably ate too much.

I often forget that women should be consuming less than men, equality has certainly arrived in my household where I serve a similar sized portion to the women as the men.  This is something I know I should address as it’s easy to be consuming too many calories this way; it’s the same with snacks.  I can ignore a packet of unopened biscuits or a bar of chocolate but once it’s open it’s fair game, what harm can one biscuit make after all.  Or a handful of nuts, that’s another area where I forget how many calories they contain, its healthy food therefore it must be doing me good.  I’m sure the recommended amount is far less than the generous handful I award myself.  This combined with not doing enough exercise has led to the pounds creeping on over the past year.

This detox has proved that I don’t need to consume so much food and I also don’t need to eat between meals.  Much has been written about the Fasting Diet, where you either completely fast for two days a week, or you only consume  500 calories (600 for men), this detox programme would be the most perfect way to prepare yourself for this routine.  The theory is that if you restrict your diet in this way you can eat what you want on the other days, and still either lose or maintain your weight.  Highlighted by the Horizon programme last year, when doctor and broadcaster Michael Mosley followed the 5:2 diet and lost a stone in six weeks, the fasting diet proved to stabilise blood glucose and reduce cholesterol levels, it was also found to stimulate new brain cells.

I intended that this detox would kick start a better way of eating for me and I’m sure it has, I haven’t craved any food or actually missed eating anything in  particular, and one of the most noticeable things has been how clean my mouth feels eating only healthy unprocessed food without refined sugar.  I’ve lost weight and feel so much lighter and happier in myself, just disciplining yourself feels good.

I started the day with a juice of carrot, apple and ginger, this is one of my favourite juices, I had lots of water throughout the morning and when I went off to a meeting in the afternoon I had camomile tea and more water, in the evening I went for green again and juiced kale and spinach.  I realise that I could have been so much more adventurous with the juices!

The Colosan arrived and I read up all I could on the internet to find out when the best time to take it was and what the effect would be.  You have to take it on an empty stomach which of course wasn’t difficult so I decided to take it before I went to bed.  Colosan works by introducing oxygen into your stomach that will then be carried through your intestine gently sweeping away some of the debris.
You mix a heaped teaspoon of the powder in a tall glass of water, drink this and follow by squeezing the juice of half a lemon into the glass and drinking that as well.  This is the catalyst to start the oxygen forming.  As with all products there was so many different descriptions of what the possible outcome might be, the words ‘butt pee’ came up a couple of times so you can imagine I wasn’t looking forward to that!

You can eat after an hour and a half so I took my supplements drank more water and waited, there was one tiny movement before bed and certainly no ‘butt pee’ I’m glad to say.  When I went to bed my tummy was gurgling a bit but that was all, nothing else, nothing at all.

Sorry for the uninspiring photographs today, you can tell I was busy!

Tomorrow I move into the Maintenance Phase and only three days to go!

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