Author: Tracey McAlpine

What a difference a day makes!

I woke up after a good night’s sleep and the headache had gone, the sore throat was quite a bit better but I still had a croaky voice, I sounded strange but felt great.  Surprisingly I didn’t feel in the least bit hungry, you would think that having not eaten for 24 hours you might feel a bit peckish but I didn’t at all.

First juice of the day was kale, carrot, apple and ginger, the colours don’t look great but the taste is.  I was feeling so much better, I found it easier to concentrate again and when I had to go out I didn’t feel cold, so other than a slight sore throat and a croaky voice all the other symptoms had passed.  I have also lost 5lbs, which has made a huge difference to how my body looks and feels, any sponginess has gone, and the lines on my forehead have softened.  My skin is looking clear and firm.  If I hadn’t done this experiment myself I don’t think I would have believed you could make such a difference in only eight days.

The Colosan still hadn’t arrived but as Chris James had mentioned “drinking Colosan powder is not going to get rid of the mucoid plaque layer.  The best way to rid yourself of the greatest source of toxicity in the human system is through colonic hydrotherapy combined with a purgative cleanse”.

Chris quite rightly said we must understand the science behind hydrotherapy to make an informed choice, he explained “When you imbibe a food that the body perceives to be unnatural, the colon secretes a mucous layer in order to protect itself.  If this mucous layer were to be secreted once or twice a month as Mother Nature intended that would be fine, not once or twice a day as happens to the modern western gut.  Why is this a problem?  Mucoid plaque is the most acidifying (ageing) substance in the human body, and through osmosis it seeps back in to the bloodstream contributing further to the problem of acidosis of the blood.  Acidosis or acidification of the bloodstream opens up a window in your immune system to colds / viruses and eventually if this is not addressed more serious diseases, cancer, immuno diseases, heart disease etc”.

I might have missed a large part of the cleanse by not having a hydro therapy session, as Chris informs me that thousands of very busy people are perfectly able to continue their normal life as it only takes about an hour, and there is no need for lazing around at retreats or spas.  Maybe for my next cleanse I should consider this.  ARCH the Association of registered Colon Hydrotherapists has a huge amount of information on their website and it’s the first place to look for a therapist.

I had melon juice for lunch and went all out for green in the evening, spinach, lettuce and ginger with an apple.  Clare Shepherd had mentioned to me that by using an apple in with the green vegetables it takes away any bitterness and makes the juice very pleasant.  Chris explained that apples cross over well with vegetables as they are a sub acidic fruit, and contain compounds which promote detoxification.  They also have a healthy fructose content compared with other fruits.

 Tip of the day: Have a White Gold Detox Bath the ultimate detox luxury



Recently I got to try some of the highly effective INA Crystals skincare products. The lovely ladies at INA Crystals heard that I was doing a detox and kindly sent me the best detox treat I could have, their White Gold Detox Bath Crystals, these Himalayan salt crystals with essential oils of Basil, Fennel and Juniper are the ultimate detox luxury.  You run a hot bath about 6” deep and tip in the whole kilo of gorgeous pinky coloured crystals, then dissolve before topping the bath up with body temperature water of 37ºc.  The bathroom becomes slightly steamy and the fragrance starts to relax you before you even step into the water.

I applied INA Crystals White Gold Purifying Face Mask and slipped into the water with a good book, half an hour later I took some of the crystals from the bottom of the bath and rubbed these in a circular motion all over my thighs, legs and bottom with the mit provided, this felt so good.  Reluctantly I got out of the bath feeling completely relaxed and calm and my face and body glowed clean and clear, my skin was silky soft.  This is a gentle way to draw the toxins and impurities out of the skin while calming the mind and body.

When I left the sanctuary of the bathroom I could smell the roast chicken cooking downstairs for the boys.  Smell is far more enticing than the sight of food, I had the desire to eat it because it smelt so good but I didn’t actually want to eat it, it didn’t even make me feel hungry.

I’m still on track; I went to bed calm, clean and hugely positive.