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Marie Claire Dolce & Gabbana Video in Print

I have been prone to moaning that magazines don’t have anything new or exciting in them.  Now I have to take that back, Marie Claire have, as far as I know a first in their October issue.

When my subscribers issue landed on the mat this week I was blown away by a video in print.  Within the magazine is a slim, firm page with a video screen.  Open the page and the video and sound starts to play sit back and get transported with the atmospheric Dolce & Gabbana advertisement.

The quality of the video and clarity of the sound is fantastic.  The start, stop is triggered by opening or closing the page, and the sound comes from three tiny dots at the bottom of the page.

Magazines aren’t easy to video or photograph, so forgive me for making you feel a bit seasick, this is my first ever uploaded video!

Not every issue contains the video so try to check before you buy.  I think this one is destined to be a collector’s issue, and will change the way we view magazines for ever.  I’m in danger of wearing mine out.