Those Who Will Not See

Lauren Woodcock’s first novel draws on her own personal experience of autism.

Her brother is autistic and she works as a therapist for people within the autistic-spectrum.

Those Who Will Not See captures the essence of family life for the Pickering family whose lives are all changed when four year old Matthew is diagnosed autistic. Seeing the world through Matthew’s eyes as he faces judgement and discrimination from his peers is hard enough, but also learning of the difficulties this brings upon the rest of the family and how it affects each and every one is a complete revelation.

You instantly warm to the characters and want to be there to fight Matthew’s corner.  The book swiftly takes you through life with the Pickering’s from diagnosis to Matthew entering adulthood.  It’s charming, inspirational and very moving, you’ll read it quickly as you won’t want to put it down, and when it’s finished you’ll miss the characters and desperately want to know what Matthew does next.  Whether you have experience of autism or not, this book helps everyone understand the difficulties experienced by someone who sees the world in a completely different way.

Those Who Will Not See available from Amazon £8.99