The Second Half of Your Life

The Second Half of Your Life Jill Shaw Ruddock

In 2011 Jill Shaw Ruddock published The Second Half of Your Life.  The latest revised edition is now available.

If ever there was a handbook for the over fifties this is it.  Through her own experience of entering the second half of her life, Jill Shaw Ruddock discovered there was a lack of good information written on positive ageing and how to achieve it.

The Second Half of Your Life has been heralded as “one of the most important women’s books for a decade”, “ground-breaking”, “inspirational” and “the manual for women in the second half of their life.”  Following the success of the book, Jill, went on to put her philosophy for life, her 'Five a Day', into practice by creating The Second Half Foundation and in October 2012, opening The Second Half Centre.

The Second Half Centre, located in London W10, tackles the social isolation encountered by many people in their later years.  Offering 70 hours of scheduled weekly activities to the 1500 members, the Centre ensures that 400 people each week embrace Jill's 'Five a Day'.  The centre is a blueprint for future centres throughout London and the country.

March 2015 sees the re-launch of the Second Half of Your life, with new chapters exploring the Science of Hormones and Looking your Best without Plastic Surgery.  The remainder of the book covers everything from the menopause; how to thrive rather than survive, how your changing brain will give you renewed confidence and explains sex and the rules of dating during your second half.

Jill Shaw Ruddock The Second Half of your LIfe

As Jill Shaw Ruddock says, 'ageing is not a matter of luck', if we put our reproductive days behind us and concentrate on our self-productive years we can harness the power of our oestrogen-free minds to explore new opportunities.

Whether your concerns are health related, money or marital status, The Second Half of Your Life has the advice and answers for you.  Armed with this book women can age positively and be empowered to make the second half of their lives the best half of their lives.

The latest edition of The Second Half of Your Life by Jill Shaw Ruddock is available from Amazon £8.99

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