Author: Tracey McAlpine

L’Occitane launches Ship from Store same day service across UK

As far as annual memberships go, my Amazon Prime membership is the best.  I have absolutely no qualms about paying out so that the entire family can have next day delivery on the thousands of items that Amazon has on offer.  And boy do we get value for money.  There is an Amazon delivery landing in our house literally every day of the week.  And that’s the beauty of this service, not only can you get exactly what you want when you want it, you also have the added bonus of Amazon Prime Video and Music.  Great business model hey!

Now stores are starting to realise that we are living in an ‘I want it now!’ society.  Traditional shopping methods have changed, and we aren’t prepared to schlep around the shops for products when we can simply click and collect or better still click and it will appear, either that day or the following one.

Now, how about clicking and your gorgeous beauty products arrive on the same day.  L’Occitane launched this service in London  and now has plans to roll out the service across it’s remaining 86 UK stores in early 2019.  If you live in London you can try this service now as L’Occitane offers a two-hour delivery window so you can choose to have your order delivered the same day or the next, between 11am and 6pm, 7 days a week.

Brands are realising that delivery is a major part of the online purchasing process.  Nothing could be more frustrating than paying for delivery only to have the item take more than a week to arrive. 

But, are there certain products that you want to touch, feel the consistency, smell the fragrance and be seduced by its loveliness before buying?  Especially when it’s a first purchase or a colour cosmetics.  What do you think, do you just want it now or are you prepared to go and find your cosmetics?