he Fabulous Miss K explains how to incorporate vintage into your modern wardrobe

I recently met Karen James–Welton at a blogger event, you may have read about it here.  Karen, aka The Fabulous Miss K, was dressed from head to toe in vintage clothes.  We got talking over one or two glasses of prosecco and of course the conversation came around to older woman and clothes.  As much as I admired Karen’s style, I wondered how you could incorporate vintage pieces into a fairly modern wardrobe.  I always have a fear that people would think I just hadn’t ever thrown anything out! 

I asked Karen to write a short blog explaining how we can get started wearing vintage and was it really ok for women of our age.  Over to Karen….

Vintage – I can’t wear that at my age is a statement that I so often hear from women my age – it looks great on you but I couldn’t pull it off.  This is what I hear time and time again – nonsense is my answer, of course you can!!  Vintage is at the end of the day just clothes.  And no different from any other item you buy from a high street store apart from the fact that it is probably better made and the quality of the fabric far superior to modern pieces.  If you think about it, many of the main shop’s target audience is a more mature woman with a disposable income – you!  Boden, M&S, Hobbs, Phase 8 and so on, look to vintage classics for their ranges – timeless pieces that never go out of style. 

Nothing is ever new in fashion, designers both high end and on the high street always draw from the past – think of the classic 60s shift or duster coat, 70s A line skirts, the shirt dress or Boho maxi’s, they’re all vintage inspired.  So, what better way to celebrate your individuality and 50 plus style than with a one-off piece of fashion history?  I know that many women think if I wore it the first time round I don’t want to go there again but, as I said, nothing is ever new so a chic 80s jacket over your jeans will give it a modern twist.  Another reason to choose vintage is that it is totally ethical and recycled.

The Fabulous Miss K

Karen James–Welton – aka The Fabulous Miss K

Here are my tips for incorporating a touch of vintage to your everyday wardrobe:

  • Take a vintage jacket – boucle or tweed – very Chanel, throw it over your jeans and a white tee for a classic look
  • Maxi dresses are always a must have for summer so choose an original 70s one and stand out from the crowd
  • A line skirts are such a classic shape and come in all colours, patterns and fabrics so, pick up a 70s or 80s one to mix with a white shirt for summer or a chic polo neck and boots for winter
  • LBD – choose a simple style and it will take you anywhere
  • Sixties shift dresses are always in fashion so pick up a vintage version instead of a high street copy
  • Vintage scarves are a great way to start wearing vintage and come in so many colours and patterns they will brighten up any outfit
  • Instead of carrying the latest ‘it bag’ choose a cool vintage one that no one else will have

Karen James–Welton aka The Fabulous Miss K – a fifty plus fashion and lifestyle blogger and lifelong vintage lover who believes that vintage should be part of your everyday wardrobe.  She runs a vintage styling and sourcing business based in Norwich, a fine city with a vibrant vintage scene, check out her blog at The Fabulous Miss K