Author: Tracey McAlpine

Bladder weakness is embarrassing.  So, why don’t we talk about it?

You would think at our age there would be little to embarrass us.  We’ve lived through puberty, periods and pregnancy but the thought of wetting ourselves leaves us completely embarrassed and humiliated.  Yet, bladder weakness is a condition that affects over 6 million women in the UK and is even more common than hay fever.

Bladder weakness doesn’t discriminate, it affects women and men of all ages.  1 in 3 women over the age of 35 will experience bladder weakness at some point in their lives and it can be brought on by pregnancy, childbirth, obesity, menopause and natural changes in the body.

TENA for confidence everyday

TENA know how important it is to feel confident going about your day-to-day life and that bladder weakness will not embarrass you.  Their bladder weakness protection products for women range from TENA Lady Lights, the lightest liner which absorbs 20ml of fluid, through to TENA Lady Normal which holds up to 130ml of fluid.  To make life even easier TENA Lady has launched Pants Discreet and Pants Night which can absorb up to 550ml of fluid.  I mention the amounts each pad can retain because I can relate to volume easier and it makes me realise just how absorbent the products are.

How to be Phenomenal at Fifty!


Bloggers attending the TENA Lady Phenomenal at Fifty event

Bloggers attending the TENA Lady Phenomenal at Fifty event


TENA recently held a Phenomenal at Fifty event to give bloggers the opportunity to learn ways in which we can increase our confidence.  To kick off TENA Lady, Senior Brand Manager, Anna McCrory, explained how TENA are determined to change our perception of bladder weakness and break the taboo surrounding it.  The stigma was so bad that until recently women’s magazines wouldn’t even carry advertising for incontinence products.  Thankfully now TENA can get their message out there through this advertising medium as well as bloggers spreading the message.

Lingerie Designer, Ceri Williams, created the ‘Pretty Pant’ for TENA Lady


TENA Lady Pants Discreet

TENA Lady ‘Pretty Pants’ designed by Ceri Williams


Feeling feminine can be hard when you are worried about having one of those whoops moments, so TENA decided to ensure that their latest products, the TENA Lady Pants, would be as pretty as your normal underwear.  They called in lingerie designer Ceri Williams to create a ‘Pretty Pant’ that still absorbed well and had odour control.  The result is a super soft pair of pants with a delicate lilac design.  The pants are designed to fit close to the body under any clothes and the super absorbent pad means you never have to worry about leaks.

Feeling confident over fifty


Ursuline Edwards-Sutton prepares to speak at TENA Lady event
Personal Development Coach, Ursuline Edwards-Sutton, prepares to speak at TENA Lady event


Just as TENA Lady gives you confidence to get your life on track, knowing what to wear and how to wear it can be just as important.  Personal Development Coach, Ursuline Edwards-Sutton, explained how getting the right underwear for your size and shape can improve your whole outfit.  And wearing the right colours for your colouring can enhance or drain you.  Dressing for success can be as simple as having the right capsule wardrobe and making that vital first impression a good one.

Learning about colour with Ursuline Edwards-Sutton
Learning just how important colour is to your overall appearance

Every woman loves a good hair day

Knowing that your hair looks good is a fantastic confidence booster so, we were taken to Duck & Dry in the Kings Road, London, for a blow-dry.  A lovely treat at the end of an interesting day.

Waiting for our blowdry at Duck & Dry
Waiting for our blowdry at Duck & Dry Kings Road, London
Lots to laugh about at Duck & Dry
Lots to laugh about at Duck & Dry!


Over a glass of bubbly, I got to know the other bloggers who are also challenging the perceptions of ageing in their own individual way.  Visit their blogs and see how they are doing it.

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Together we can make bladder weakness less embarrassing by talking about the condition openly

 For more information and samples visit TENA Lady

With thanks to TENA Lady and Myriad PR for such an enjoyable day!