Vionic Shoes Autumn/Winter Collection Review

Vionic Shoes Autumn/Winter Collection Review

Finding fashionable and comfortable orthotic shoes is now so easy

Feet run in my family.  Not 10k’s and marathons.  I mean fallen arches, lumpy, bumpy feet.  Feet that give you trouble if you wear the wrong shoes.  My Mother has funny feet (as we like to call them, not exactly a medical term) as did my Grandmother, and it seems I have followed quite literally in their footsteps.

It’s true your feet change as you get older!

Although I’ve worn flat shoes almost exclusively for the past 30 years, I’m finding I must pay more attention to my feet now I’m getting older.  Like the rest of your body, feet change with age.  Just as our faces are losing collagen and elastin, so are our feet, they have less padding than they did when we were younger.  Circulation slows down and tendons tighten, making it even more important to stretch and keep mobile.  On the other hand, or should I say foot, ligaments stretch which can make your foot flatter making you more likely to be unbalanced.  Therefore, your feet benefit from supportive shoes.


Vionic Shoes Review Autumn/Winter 17

Road testing the Syra from Vionic Shoes

What Makes Vionic Shoes Different

I once had orthotics made, at great expense, and hardly ever wore them. Because they raised my feet in my usual shoes they ended up rubbing my toes making them painful.  I soon ‘forgot’ to use them.

I remember thinking if only you could get a shoe with these orthotic insoles already fitted how much easier it would be.  At the time I had never heard of Vionic Shoes and the internet didn’t exist – yes, I can remember that far back!

Since discovering Vionic and their patented technology, shopping for comfortable shoes has become a breeze.

FMT Technology developed by Vionic, helps your body to find it’s natural alignment.  Vionic’s flat, casual shoes, sandals, slippers and active shoes are specially designed with a deeper heel cup, an innovative biomechanical foot-bed and a firm yet flexible midsole.  This means that your foot is mimicking the way you would walk barefoot, the way we were designed to walk, naturally on soil and sand rather than the hard surfaces we all walk on every day.  It’s technology that can help reduce aches and pains and prevent future damage.

And, this technology isn’t just reserved for flat shoes, Vionic developed the Elevated Support Technology which gives you the same comfort and style in wedges and heels.  You have better overall stability in a Vionic boot which has the same deep heel cup, enhanced cushioning on the ball of the foot, and a foot-bed giving full contact with the arch.  So, the boot actually hugs your foot.

It all sounds very simple but, Vionic Shoes have been researching the foot and how we walk for many years.  They created the Vionic Innovation Lab, employing some of the most renown experts, including podiatric surgeons, sports physical therapists, and even Andrew Weil MD, a pioneer of Integrative Medicine.


The Syra, still comfortable after a day shopping in Covent Garden!

Are Vionic Shoes Stylish and Fashionable?

I was lucky enough to meet Vionic Founder, Phillip Vasyli, he told me that he knew women would only buy, and ultimately wear, orthotic shoes, if they looked good.  Regardless of age we want to wear great looking shoes.  I know very few women who aren’t seduced by fabulous shoes.  Quite frankly, we have all put up with pain in the past to wear stunning shoes, right?  Well now you don’t have to.  Vionic Shoes are available in a range of modern styles that really do fit in with every wardrobe.  Whether you want shoes for work, walking the dog, the beach or pottering around the house, Vionic has you covered.

Vionic Shoes Autumn/Winter Collection 2017

The Vionic Autumn/Winter collection has so many great styles it was quite hard to pick just one pair for this review!  I chose the Syra, a casual lace up in a style I often wear. 

There are several colourways to choose from but, the Black and Tan Leopard stood out, they are bang on trend with so much animal print in the stores.  They are created from smooth supple leather and haircalf, and have a firm yet flexible, removable microfibre covered orthotic insole.  It was love at first sight, I did exactly as Vionic instructed and wore them for a few hours in the house each day before taking them out on their maiden voyage.  They lived up to all my expectations, they are so supportive and gently hug your arch stopping your feet from aching during the day.  They resisted the rain and much to my delighted became the topic of conversation at a press launch.  No one had guessed they were an orthotic shoe!  Full marks to Vionic for pulling off the ultimate, a comfortable and stylish shoe.

You may be wondering if Vionic shoes are expensive.  In my opinion they aren’t.  They represent great value for money, I can’t be the only one who has shoes sitting in the wardrobe because they never get worn, seriously, that is a waste of money. 

The Syra costs £90.00, which for a full leather shoe with so much technology behind it is exceptional!


When you can't stop looking at your new shoes!

When you can't stop looking at your new shoes!

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The shoes featured in this article were kindly supplied by Vionic Shoes

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