Sinéad de Hóra Intuitive Specialist Akasha London - review

Sinead de Hora Intuitive Specialist

If you can't find what's wrong with your body or your life, consider visiting this extraordinary intuitive healer

Have you ever felt that something isn't right, your body is out of sync, unsettled, out of kilter, what your mother or grandmother might have called under the weather, you're not ill but you're not 100% either.  This could be due to bad habits, a previous injury, stress - who doesn't suffer from that – maybe there's something that's holding you back and you either can't pinpoint it or can't admit it. 

In my case I hadn't been sleeping well, mainly because I rarely go to bed early and I had convinced myself I needed little sleep.  I work best at night; I'm a night person who can happily churn out the work when everyone else has gone to bed.  But I'm easily distracted, especially by social media and end up looking at my phone during the evening and then when I do get to bed I can't switch off.  I constantly write copy in my head and replay conversations, and my mind even argues with itself, and while my head whirls away my body fights with it to go to sleep. 

Although I knew this about myself, I hadn't stopped long enough to see that long term this could be damaging my health.  By coincidence last autumn I was invited for a treatment with Sinéad de Hóra, I had met Sinéad the year before when she gave me a fantastic facial while working for a leading skincare company.  At the time I remember saying what amazing hands she had, but little did I know the power they contained.

Although Sinéad told me she had left her previous role I didn't actually look up what treatment she was offering me, I knew she was working as an intuitive therapist but to be perfectly honest I had no idea what the treatment would entail.  And to a large degree neither does Sinéad until she actually meets you on the day.

When I arrived at the Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre located within the Café Royal in London I was offered a tour.  The spa is split into the four basic elements of nature, earth, water, fire and air.  This tranquil space is hidden beneath one of London's busiest streets, yet when you're there you could be anywhere in the world.  It's immediately relaxing and I found myself for once totally in the moment enjoying the surroundings and the peace. 

It would be impossible not to break into a smile when you meet Sinéad, bright, bubbly and warm with perfect skin and the softest Irish accent; she greeted me and took me through to the treatment room. 

Sinéad treats clients entirely through intuition, so there isn't a consultation or any preamble, she makes sure you are comfortable in the dimly lit room and then gently moves around your body listening (metaphorically) to it as it yields its secrets.  As well as being a huge treat to lie down and relax during the day, you also have the warmth from Sinéad's hands which radiate heat and are in themselves a great comfort.  As I lay there I could only think about the tour of the spa, and of my surroundings, my mind would neither write copy, as it usually does, nor could I think of anything beyond the spa.  I was totally immersed in the moment and if I had ever questioned whether I knew what mindfulness was, at that moment I was sure I did.

After spending time learning about my body, Sinéad massaged areas where I carry tension, across my shoulders and upper back.  Therapeutic Massage is one of the many treatments Sinéad is well qualified to perform, she is trained in Reiki and Reflexology and has also studied Ayurveda and Chinese Philosophy. 

By now I had lost track of time and was more relaxed than I can probably ever remember being.  Sinéad explained that she felt there was a disconnect between my head and my body, that they didn't work in harmony, that there was conflict as my brain rarely switched off.  She suggested that I take up meditation and learn to distance myself from the external pressures of everyday life.  This was such an accurate observation. To help balance my body Sinéad rechannelled the energy so the flow would bring me better alignment and bring my head and body more in sync.

Sinéad had also pictured a scene which I can only describe as my childhood, possibly the last time that I had felt as relaxed as I did at that moment. 

I (reluctantly) left the tranquil space of Akasha feeling taller, more supple and completely grounded, even the noise of Regent Street didn't seem as loud as before.  But the effects of my experience really have become apparent in the weeks after the treatment.  I have slept better, been kinder to myself and given myself time off over Christmas to recoup, I've allowed myself to switch off and not feel pressurised and I've thought many times about the experience and the feeling of being completely in the moment, it's something I want to experience more often so I don't think it will be long before I visit Sinéad again.

You can visit Sinéad de Hóra at the Akasha Hollistic Wellbeing Centre at the Café Royale London, The Light Centre Belgravia London 

Sinéad de Hóra