Author: Tracey McAlpine

July is a birthday month, I’ve just celebrated my 56th birthday and at the end of the month Fighting Fifty was 4 years old

The time has flown since I first had the idea to create a website where women (and men) in their fifties could find good information on how to make the second half of their life work.  Back in November 2011 when I registered the domain name Fighting Fifty I was disappointed with how older women were treated and portrayed.  Thankfully the negativity has changed and we are starting to see older women appearing in advertising campaigns that aren’t just for walk-in baths or funeral plans.  This is quite different to the time when the BBC fired Miriam O’Reily and Arlene Phillips, showing blatant age discrimination. 

I’ve learnt a lot in the last four years, not only how to run a website, which was definitely my greatest challenge, but also how women feel about themselves as they get older.  Midlife is a time of change, children leaving home, relationships breaking down and some just starting, coming to terms with retirement and ill health are just some of the challenges we face in our fifties.  Add to this a constant pressure to look younger, thinner and ever more beautiful, mainly driven by the press and social media.  Here we are juggling partners, parents, children, grandchildren and a job, as well as trying to exercise and look after ourselves, it’s an ongoing battle.  If you can look beautiful after all that I salute you!

What I hope Fighting Fifty has done and will continue to do, is cut through the crap and tell you what does work, saving you time and money.  We really do try and test all the products that we talk about and bring in experts who not only know their subject so well but also appreciate the time restraints we all have.  

Our community has grown considerably in the past four years and I appreciate every email and social media comment, it means so much to know that we are on the right track and putting out the right information to help you live your life better in your fifties and beyond.  So, thank you to everyone who takes the time to send in questions and enter the competitions, buy our Beauty Bags and take part in Product Testing, without you Fighting Fifty wouldn’t be the site it is today!

Here’s to the next 4 years!

Tracey x