Author: Tracey McAlpine

Back to London and it’s cold!

Arriving home to a cold house with no hot water and sewage overflowing in the garden was pretty miserable.  After calling in the guys to clear the blockage and getting a heating engineer to confirm the boiler had indeed given up the ghost, the next major concern was which shoes I would be able to wear with a swollen foot.

After a quick trip to Zara I found the perfect solution, a soft leather lace-up brogue, and for only £29.99, a bargain.  So, for the next week I went to a conference, a press launch, meetings and dinner with the girls, in fact business as usual.  I even joked that having walked nearly five miles on the Thursday that I was back in the game with my UP Jawbone team. 


On the Friday I went to the rehearsal of the Marks & Spencer Beauty Conference where I would be speaking for four days the following week.  My main concern about the conference had been what to wear each day, so having a sprained ankle had thrown my whole wardrobe into disarray, I couldn’t wear any of the dresses I had planned to wear and could only wear trainers or my new Blue Suede Shoes.

I carried on using ice on my foot, keeping it elevated when I could and had it strapped up, the bruising certainly came out, my whole foot looked black and blue and by the weekend it started to hurt, maybe I should have got it checked.