ilapothecary opens London flagship store

ilapothecary opens London flagship store

I visited the haven of tranquillity to review the ilapothecary Digital Detox Facial Treatment

Hello, I’m Tracey and I’m addicted to my iPhone. 

Not exactly my opening gambit when I met Denise Leicester, founder of skin care brands ila Spa and ilapothecary.  But, it was in my mind.  I was about to experience the Digital Detox Facial Therapy at the ilapothecary store.  It was a week after I downloaded new software to my phone, and Apple had introduced Screen Time.  I can’t be the only one who is alarmed at how much time we actually spend looking at our phones.  I haven’t ever been in denial but seeing the previous week I had spent 23 hours using my phone - practically one whole day - had shocked me and made me realise I need to make some changes.

As well as the enormous amount of time spent on the phone, I also spend hours sitting at a computer.  The effects of which we are only just starting to realise.  The detrimental effect on our eyes, blue light degrading our skin, and do we really know what physiological effect it has staring into a screen all day?

ilapothecary an urban hideaway in the heart of Kensington


ilapothecary Kensington Church Street

I arrived at 99 Kensington Church Street, the new home of ilapothecary.  It’s the brand’s flagship store and had only opened the day before.  Stepping through the door I immediately felt that this is what the building had been waiting for.  It’s light and airy and the autumn sunshine dances on the wall making patterns which are as beautiful as the artwork.  The tall Italian dresser looks like it was made to house the apothecary range in their dark glass bottles and striking numbers.  Numerology features throughout ilapothecary, with each treatment and product carrying a significant figure.  To someone who loves numerology and has had some life affirming situations were numbers have played a leading role, I can appreciate why they are so significant.


products in ilapothecary London


Denise Leicester founder of ila Spa and ilapothecary

Denise Leicester founder of ila Spa and ilapothecary

When I was invited to meet Denise, I was asked to choose which treatment I would prefer.  Although I would have loved to experience any of them, the Digital Detox Facial Therapy stood out.  I wanted to learn how to address this desire to keep looking at my phone and the need to know what everyone else was doing at any given time.  I had filled in a questionnaire that was sent to Denise prior to my appointment.  On looking at it she had read me like a book.  Using a computer to establish where my energy levels were, she could see that although I didn’t need to detox, I did need to support my kidneys and address my stress levels.

I thought I hid my stress well, a little like the swan, calm and serene on the top, peddling like mad underneath.  I’m easily distracted (we already know by what) and don’t always prioritise well.  I feel I’m at a cross roads and there are many things I have to put into place before the new year, this will allow me to move forward.  I don’t sleep well and rarely wake up refreshed.  Denise picked up on this immediately and as we chatted I felt that at last I had found someone who understood me and was able to give me advice on how to unwind and relax.  Rather than suggesting that I learn to meditate – I find it impossible not to think – Denise suggested listening to music, going for a walk or run, as that’s one time when I’m completely in the moment, enjoying nature. 

Denise suggested as well as the Digital Detox Facial Treatment, I should also have a Castor Oil pack to support the kidneys and balance hormones, this would help to reduce stress and fatigue.


Inside ilapothecary

ilapothecary Digital Detox Facial Treatment at ilapothecary - review

I had already met Sophie Andrews when I arrived at the store, she was going to carry out my treatment.  Sophie has been working alongside Denise for 5 years and knows everything about the brand and treatments – pop in and see her at the store.

Sophie took me through to the delicately scented treatment room and left me to undress and slip under the covers of the comfy bed.  The autumn sunshine streamed through the window and although I didn’t feel stressed, it was lovely to be lying down and about to have the tension erased from my face.  I hadn’t been sleeping well and it’s there every time I look in the mirror.  The slightly sallow looking skin and the dark eyes.  Three weeks ago, I was on holiday, but looking at me now it could have been three months ago.

I was in Sophie’s capable hands and once she had instructed my breathing I really started to relax.  My eye makeup was removed and skin carefully cleansed.  The aroma from the products was incredible, I was enjoying each different experience as Sophie wiped away cleansers, the Powerful Purifying Facial Scrub and the Silk Supreme Toner.  Massaging my face to lift the tension and bring blood back to the surface, Sophie then worked on my neck, shoulders and head.  The Warming Anti-Breakout Face Mask was applied to help combat the harmful effects of blue light on the skin and this was followed by Aura Day Cream and the Digital Detox Face Mist.  The Castor Oil pack was applied and covered in a bandage, then a warm compress was placed on my tummy.  I kept the bandage in place all evening, giving the pack the ultimate time to work.

I haven’t told you every stage of the treatment as I want you to experience it for yourself.  If you have been feeling stressed and maybe a little under par as the seasons transition, I suggest you prepare for the winter by visiting ilapothecary, you will leave looking and feeling so much better.  I did, my skin was positively glowing when I got home, my eyes looked brighter and I felt relaxed and calm.


the dresser in the ilapothecary


In a world where we move so quickly and are always connected, it’s wonderful to kick back, disconnect with the virtual and live in the moment.  ilapothecary is the perfect place to do this.  Offering powerful remedial products and holistic treatments and therapies to help us cope with modern life.

If you aren’t in close proximity to London, then purchase some of the ilapothecary products, most are under £50.00 and I can assure you of the quality and efficacy.

The ilapothecary Digital Detox Facial Treatment lasts 45 minutes and costs £65.00

Visit ilapothecary at 99 Kensington Church Street, London W8 7LN

With thanks to Denise Leicester and ilapothecary for this relaxing treatment