Author: Tracey McAlpine

The winners are announced!

Last week I attended the Beauty Bible Awards.  It was a small intimate affair.  No red carpet, paparazzi or evening gowns.  So unlike the awards events I’ve been to in the past.  The room was full of passionate brand creators, supportive PR executives and a handful of beauty journalists.  There was no pomp and ceremony, just an empowering feeling of support, loyalty and honesty.

Following the success of the Beauty Bible, the book Sarah Stacey and Jo Fairley launched in 1996, the Beauty Bible website and iPhone App has become the destination for honest beauty advice.  In contrast to some of the glitzy awards, where products are judged and ranked by industry insiders, the Beauty Bible Awards are judged by women like you.  Women who want beauty products that really do deliver, and at all price points.

Beauty Bible has a huge panel of women who vigorously try and test the products prior to the awards.  When I say vigorously, I mean even to the extent of using a product on only one side of their face.  Self tanning on only one leg!  I once met Sarah and she had tried 4 different tanning products on each limb!  Sheer dedication.


Leesa Bridson Balmkind winning the Beauty Bible Awards

Balmkind Founder Leesa Bridson receiving her Beauty Bible Awards from Jo Fairley and Sarah Stacey


This year almost 100 categories of products were tested and each one entered has been tried and tested by 10 women.  The trial periods were varied as skincare, for example, needs time to work, makeup on the other hand can be assessed much faster.  The results collated and the awards made.  If only the amount of work could have been as concise as these words.  It’s a labour of love for Sarah, Jo, and Amy, who carefully read all the comments made by the testers and share these with us on the website.

Nicola Murdock who runs the Beauty Questions and Answers Facebook group says ‘the ladies within my beauty group loved trialling the products for the Beauty Bible, and seeing their comments posted in the results.  It creates a real excitement within the group when the products arrive, and the women get their heads down to really trialling the products out.  They can see that their opinions really do matter, and many go on the buy some of their finds within the Beauty Bible products’.


Beauty Bible Awards 2019

If only I could remember what I found so funny!


The most wonderful part of awards evening wasn’t the delicious food, healthy drinks or the scrumptious Green & Blacks chocolate, it was the sheer excitement from many independent brands who have worked so hard to produce highly effective products.  Their passion was evident and their joy at winning a Beauty Bible Award was infectious.

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