What is the difference between polishing and exfoliating the skin?

Asked by Elizabeth R

When we exfoliate the skin, the exfoliant particles are usually much bigger than those found in polishers. Polishers are gentler, designed to be used daily to give your skin that polished glow as opposed to just be there to remove dead skin cells. The ‘polish’ particles are usually much smaller. For example, our Face and Neck Polisher contains finely milled walnut shavings, and our MD Polisher contains diamond and pearl shavings. So, as well as taking the dead skin cells away it is also giving back essential minerals and vitamins to feed the skin at the same time. Many exfoliants or scrubs will use pips like apricot or avocado or sea salt. These are much harsher for the skin and generally if used too much can scratch and damage the surface, which is why they are recommended to be used weekly as opposed to daily. I would suggest using a scrub or exfoliant on your body and use a polisher on your face. The skin on our face is much more delicate and open to the elements and needs more nurturing, polishers gently remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. If good skin circulation is maintained, it doesn’t allow muscles to degenerate, which causes it to pre age. The benefit of having sea salt in a scrub is that as well as removing dead skin cells it can also help to heal the skin too.

Author: Bharti Vyas, Holistic Therapist

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