What is the difference between holistic beauty and traditional beauty?

Asked by M.Bateman

That is a really good question. When I first started in the industry, beauty was quite superficial, we were taught techniques and we were taught anatomy and physiology but not really taught the connection between the knowledge and therapy. Treatments were very product led and therapists were encouraged to sell products, which came from a very much marketing angle. So, we tended to not (amazingly) take the client into much consideration. The holistic approach turns traditional beauty upside down. It is much more client focussed and allows us to look at the person as a whole and give them treatments and therapy that is right for the individual. In fact, this is why I created my own skin care range. I guess, as a result of my Indian background Ayurveda approach was a way of life, I was very aware of how the inner body effects the outer body, which is why I introduced holistic therapy under the beauty umbrella. I knew what I wanted to achieve for my clients’ skin and for them to have truly long lasting effects. I also wanted to give them control of their own wellbeing too, which led me to do further training in acupuncture, aromatherapy, Ayurvedic wellbeing, magnet and laser therapies. I combine these therapies to tailor make my treatments to a client’s needs. This has led me to develop my skincare range using ingredients I know what make difference. So when you go to a holistic therapist, you know their approach is more client centred and knowledge based.

Author: Bharti Vyas, Holistic Therapist

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