What do you think about salons that are tier-based, where you pay more for a senior therapist?

Asked by Tracey McAlpine

I have always been a non-believer in streaming therapist’s ability. A good treatment facial is just that who-ever treats you. It comes down to good training. In my salon I take great pride in the time spent in training my staff. A client should feel very confident that who-ever they go to are knowledgeable and more than capable of giving an exceptional treatment. Streaming suggests one is better than the other, and for me that is more about making money than giving a client the treatment they need. Don’t pay over the odds for a therapist but be more mindful as to the treatment you are going to get. My philosophy has always been that I do not need to put myself on a pedestal regarding my work, my business should reflect my confidence in my work and the training I offer to my staff. wellbeing, magnet and laser therapies. I combine these therapies to tailor make my treatments to a client’s needs. This has led me to develop my skincare range using ingredients I know will make a difference. So when you go to a holistic therapist, you know their approach is more client centred and knowledge based.

Author: Bharti Vyas, Holistic Therapist

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