I used to bite my nails and used acrylics to break me of the habit. It’s been a year since I stopped using acrylics but, although my nails grow like a weed, they tear and split. They look awful, can you help?

This is not an uncommon problem after years of acrylics, so don’t worry you are not alone. Using a good quality nail and cuticle oil will help so apply as often as you can. The actual structure of your nail has been damaged by the acrylic nail application so it’s really important to use a nail treatment specifically created for weak nails that split easily. You can wear treatment varnishes on their own or as a base coat under coloured varnish.

We love the Jessica Damaged Nail Kit that contains three products, Restoration Base Coat, Brilliance Top Coat, and Phenomen Oil Intensive Moisturiser. These three simple steps help to rebuild the nail.

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Three nail products in the Jessica Damaged Nail Kit displayed with the packaging

Having regular manicures is the best way to keep your nails looking groomed and at their best but make sure your manicurist is using acetone-free nail varnish remover as those containing acetone can be very drying to your nails. Keeping your nails short and neat whilst you build up their strength will help to avoid splitting and tearing.
Remember to always wear gloves when doing the washing up, gardening or in the cold. And finally take a good quality supplement for hair, skin, and nails for at least 2 months to see the improvement in your nail structure.

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Author: Caroline Carter, Beauty Therapist