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Turning fifty is a celebration! I would like you to think about all of what you have experienced including the successes, as well as the challenges, you have had on your journey to turning fifty. You are at the stage in your life where these things become inevitable. There are lots of changes going on around us that we do not see or have the time to appreciate/enjoy such as getting older, coping with an ever changing world and we sometimes we feel like we have lost our way.

As for feeling old and ugly I would like you to consider:  are these feelings relating to the outside or the inside of ourselves – Self-esteem or self-concept? Sometimes we need the help and support to show us and facilitate us to recognise and address our Emotional, Relational and Psychological well-being in order to find our way again and get back on a track that reflects where we are in our lives.

Here are some of my tips to help you increase your self-esteem:

  1. Identify your needs – what do YOU really need and want?
  2. Are they achievable?
  3. What support might you need around you in order to get your needs met?
  4. Devise your plan to get your needs met
  5. Implement your and live the plan and enjoy the journey to your goal

By incorporating my 5 tips into your life this will increase your self-esteem, allow you to see and acknowledge your fabulousness and beautifulness and will also show you that you can!

Author: Norman Wright MSc, Dip Sup, Dip SW, Clinical Psychotherapist

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