I am 54, not too worried about fine lines however during a consultation at a beauty counter I was told that my skin is dehydrated. I use a rich face cream every day and evening and I don’t want to go thicker as I’m worried my make up won’t stay put.

Hi Jan

What a great question – your skin care challenge is so common.  Most of us suffer from dehydrated skin especially as the seasons change.

You are correct that a richer cream is not the answer.  Not only will your make up application be challenged but richer is not always better.  The answer is to layer your skincare.

My best advice would be to spritz the face after cleansing with a hydrating facial spray such as Jurlique Rosewater and also add in a serum – under your cream every morning.  I would recommend Decleor Aromessence Angelique Nourishing  Serum. You only need three drops – warm in your fingers and press into the skin, focusing on cheek and forehead areas.  This will help to keep hydration in the skin.

If you feel you need you can repeat the same routine for the evening.
The action of ‘sandwiching’ your skincare will make a huge difference to the texture and radiance of your skin.

Happy hydrating

Author: Nikki Taylor, Beauty Expert