How to not pile on the pounds when snacking at home?

Asked by Tracey

During these unusual times of being housebound, there are many challenges to our health and in some cases, this may include our ability to maintain a healthy weight. A lack of physical activity partnered with anxiety, stress, and boredom all create the perfect environment to overeat and this includes unhealthy snacking.

The first and most obvious thing to say is that all of us need fewer calories as we are spending more time indoors. Sticking to three healthy meals each day is key to maintaining adequate nourishment and also helps to establish a routine that is really beneficial on lockdown.

It’s important to scale down your meals by serving smaller portion sizes at mealtimes. Snacking is probably inevitable for most of us and what you choose to eat is essential if you are trying to maintain a healthy weight.

Start by keeping all unhealthy snacks out of the house (obvious right). Stock up on foods such as rice cakes, fresh and dried fruit, nuts, seeds and low-fat yogurt which all make for healthy snacks. Lean meats and boiled eggs are also healthy nourishing snacks and spreads such as marmite and nut butters are good toppings for rice cakes and rye crackers (as is mashed banana or avocado).

Night-time is when the munchies tend to kick in so why not plan your daily exercise outing for the evening after dinner. This is not only a useful way to distract your mind from snacking but also a good way to clear your head in preparation for good night’s sleep.

Author: Rob Hobson

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