How do I find out if there is a reputable salon near where I live, I’ve asked friends but no one seems to know?

At one time there might have been just 2 or 3 salons in a whole town, whereas now there might be more than that on just one street.

The first thing to think about, is what are you actually looking for, is it just a quick file and paint for your nails or is it an aesthetic treatment.  The beauty industry has changed massively and offers everything from a quick eyebrow shape to laser lipo to lose weight.

Local forums can be a good place to start, see what reviews have been written about salons.  But bear in mind, if you own a salon, there is a good chance that you would ask friends to put positive reviews on there.

Have a look on line to see if there are any salons that appeal to you and if they have a ‘menu’ of treatments they carry out, this can give you a good idea of what treatments you might be looking for.

Call into ones that do offer what you like to pick up a price list, you can evaluate if they are friendly and helpful or if you would rather give them a wide berth.  I go in so many different salons, you just feel at home as soon as you walk in to some and then the next thing that I look for is cleanliness and tidiness in the reception.  Does that sound surprising?  Not all salons pride themselves in this department.

If you feel it might be for you and you are looking to have a facial or body treatment ask for an appointment for a consultation.  This gives you a further chance to find out more about the salon, who might be treating you and the treatments that they offer.

Look for a therapist that treats you as a whole rather than just for a single treatment, you want to forge a relationship where you can discuss your concerns.  Tell them what you are hoping to achieve with the treatment and any problems that you would like to work on to correct.

If you want anti-ageing, long term hair removal or slimming treatments, do you feel that the salon are fully qualified and have the necessary back up to support you through your course. Patch tests should be offered for ipl and laser treatments.

There is new legislation that says, a doctor must be present if Botox is being administered.  This ruling is there for a reason, most salons are ethical but you don’t want to be in a situation where the practitioner is not fully trained.  My recommendation would be not to use deal of the day sites to find the best salon and these sources shouldn’t be used to book, ipl, laser, semi-permanent make up or injectables, would you really trust this kind of treatment to a cut price offer?

Remember if you don’t feel it is for you, you don’t have to book and if you do book you can change your mind.

Author: Kathryn Danzey, Anti-Ageing Expert