How can I transform my skin now it’s spring?


How does your skin feel right now? The chances are that it’s taken a beating throughout the winter months. We seem to have had endless days of wind and rain and then when you combine this with air conditioning and central heating, it’s easy to see why your skin is starting to feel dry, dull and lacklustre.

It’s time to let your skin know just how much you love it and give it a little TLC to get it blooming ready for the spring sunshine.

The big reveal

Dry, dead skin cells can wreak havoc on your complexion as they clog pores and prevent products from being absorbed effectively. Avoid harsh scrubs and crystals as they can damage delicate skin, slough excess surface skin cells away with a mild peel to reveal a smoother brighter complexion.

Remember that this fresh skin will be sensitive to sunlight so ensure that you protect it with a sunscreen. Spring sun may be weak, but it can still cause sunburn.

Don’t neglect the skin on your body. You can use slightly more aggressive products than on your face and décolleté. Mix your own scrub with Himalayan salt and your favourite body oil.

Skin care products

If you’ve been slathering on rich creams throughout winter look for lightweight serums and moisturisers to allow the skin to breath. Try to ditch heavy foundation and opt for a lighter look such as a multipurpose tinted moisturiser or BB cream. This will help to even out skin tone, without masking natural radiance.

Keeping your makeup bag clean is as important as keeping your face clean. Check out your bag and brushes. Discard old products that are stale and clean your brushes regularly.

Spring clean from the inside out

Hydration is so important and most of us don’t drink enough water through the winter months. That hot cuppa is just far too tempting so try to make a determined effort to step up your consumption of H2O. You might feel more inclined to increase the amount of water naturally as the weather warms up, if not put yourself a hydration plan in place.

Boost your skin with antioxidant rich foods and step up on your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you have trouble getting enough fruits and veggies; try a vitamin packed morning juice or smoothie to kick start your day. Adding a scoop of protein powder will help to energise you and stave off hunger pangs.

Introduce herbs and spices to aid digestion. Cinnamon, ginger and mint are all good aids for a happy tum, and they can be taken as teas or added to meals.

Look to supplementing your skincare routine

Nourishing skin supplements will give your beauty regime a youth boosting advantage. It’s incredible to see the difference that can be made by adding good quality skin supplements to your daily diet. Collagen powder is widely accepted by doctors as being beneficial not just for skin but for the whole body. Look for one that is high potency and free of sugars. 10,000mg of collagen per serving is a benchmark to look for, it should also be rich in Vitamin C to aid absorption.

Include antioxidants to protect from free radicals and electrolytes to enable cells to be naturally more hydrated. Omega-3 essential fatty acids are another great addition to moisturise the body from the inside out and if you don’t like taking fish oils there are now vegan equivalents available.

Make an effort to get in the outdoors and connect with nature. It’s sure to give your cheeks a glow and a joy to witness the world unfurling as it leaps back to life.

Author: Kathryn Danzey, Pro-Ageing Expert

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