Do I need to attend classes to learn Pilates or can I teach myself?

This is a really interesting question. Joseph Pilates would only take new clients on if they were prepared to train with him 3 times a week for the first three months. Whilst I don’t ask this level of commitment from students (for most it simply is not economically viable) I can appreciate what Joseph was trying to achieve and only this sign of physical discipline really bears the results most clients are seeking. Whilst the vast array of books, DVD and phone apps can support your learning they are not the answer in themselves. Pilates is something you have to feel not just learn, nothing beats the discerning eye of an astute teacher. Even those of us who teach continue to be taught by, the slightest adjustments can make all the difference in your practice and therefore the benefits you gain. That said good teachers allow you to build the confidence to practice independently as and when you’re ready.

Author: Suzy Mitchell, Pilates Expert

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