Bharti Vyas, you are known for ‘Ayurvedic’ beauty, what does this entail?

Asked by Petra

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medical health system. It stems from identifying a person’s constitution known as Dosha. Once identified we use a combination of natural therapies to help treat certain conditions or ailments. Ayurveda believes that the outer body is a reflection of what is going on inside the body, therefore if we treat the inner and outer, we can enhance a person’s wellbeing as well as prevent and treat illness. It envelops diet, herbs, yoga/meditation and massage. Ayurvedic practitioners are akin to Doctors in India, but within the beauty industry, we use its basic principles to help treat clients. So, for example. Turmeric a herb widely used in Indian cooking, but it also offers amazing therapeutic and skincare benefits. Turmeric is a natural spot healer we have added this ingredient to the BV Detox Face mask. We also advise clients to eat fresh turmeric to boost the immune system.

Author: Bharti Vyas, Holistic Therapist

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