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The day that changed my ‘hair’ life

Having struggled with wild frizzy hair all my life, some would say now, well into my fifties – that I’m lucky to have so much hair.  And yes, I do really appreciate it now,  even in all its unruly glory.  It’s fair to say it has become ‘my thing’.

This is me before the treatment!

Before the Brazilian Blowdry with Zoltan

My work in the beauty industry has meant that I am lucky enough to gain advice from the women that are really considered the ‘knowledge’ of the industry and they have been telling me for years to go and see Zoltan.  Described by the beauty press as the ‘Brazilian Blow Dry King’ I was finally persuaded to take the plunge.  Having messaged Zoltan extensively with all my questions and stipulations; ‘I don’t want to lose body, I don’t want straight hair, I want to be able to tong it.  Will I still be able to colour it…’, I finally booked in.

The initial consultation was really in-depth and unlike when you visit your hairdresser and it’s over in 5 minutes and you realise you had forgotten all the things you wanted to ask for, Zoltan really takes his time, and questions you thoroughly so that everything is covered.  ‘What are the three things you hate most about your hair’. What exactly do you want from the treatment’.  Do you want it to last two months (for the faint hearted) or six months (feeling brave)?

I opted for the six-month version as I feel there’s no point in doing it if it’s going to wear off in a couple of months.  But if you’re not sure, maybe it’s a good starting point for a first timer.   I had been told the process takes hours, but the time just went – especially once we got chatting about our dreams of retiring to our homes by the sea! 

Treatment starts with a hair wash followed by a thorough application, similar to how you have colour applied, of his secret Keratin mix.  You then sit for probably 30-40 minutes (which I find hugely relaxing) before washing off.  Zoltan then dries the hair and follows by locking in the treatment by using heat from straighteners.   I left the salon with ‘glass’ hair which is apparently the new trend…and I have to say quite enjoyed the straight swishy hair – although it caused huge shocks amongst my friends and family who thought I’d never get my big wavy hair back.

My hair looked like glass!

I washed it a few days later, gone are the days when you have to leave it a certain number of days, you can literally wash it the next day if it needed it.  And it was heaven.   I let my hair dry naturally, and it was soft and shiny and slightly wavy, but absolutely no frizz and gone was the coarseness.  I could have left it like that, but as I was going to a party that night,  I tonged it as I would normally -but actually only had to do a few sections rather than the whole head of hair cutting my prep time by half!   The test was whether it would go flat within hours, and it passed! I kept those waves for a good 5 days or so until I was ready to wash it again.

Left to dry naturally

Hair left naturally after Brazilian Blowdry with Zoltan

The next test was a short break to our Greece where usually I do a ‘Monica’ from friends a few moments after we land.   On the one hand people pay good money to get that wild beachy look, but I have always longed for soft, shiny swishy holiday hair.  And that’s what I got – literally a game changer.

And tonged

Tonged hair after the Brazilian Blowdry with Zoltan

This treatment has seriously changed my life – giving me back probably a couple of hours a week in styling, taming, defrizzing.  Now what to do with those two hours…..

Zoltan Hair – prices start from £300.00

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